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Indian Diplomacy

Indians are successful in wooing Iran, Arabs and Israel. Lesson from Indian diplomacy: never put all eggs in one basket.
However, Iran reportedly turned to India in 1993 to help develop batteries for the three Kilo-class submarines Iran had bought from Russia. The submarine batteries provided by the Russians were not appropriate for the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, and India had substantial experience operating Kilos in warm water
The first step in Indian-Iranian regional cooperation was taken during the visit of then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was in Tehran in April 2000, followed by Muhammad Khatami’s visit to India in January 2002 (as a guest at the Independence Day function). They were boosted by the signing of the New Delhi Declaration which laid out the principles of cooperation in defence, including the training of Iranian military personnel by India. 
Defence ties between India and Iran further evolved post signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on defence cooperation in 2001. It was in the same year that Indias Defence Secretary, Yogendra Narain, met his Iranian counterpart, Ali Shamkani, and supposedly discussed arms sales to Iran including Indian Konkurs anti-tank guided weapons and spare parts.5 India and Iran are hopeful that New Delhi will become a source of conventional military equipment and spare parts for Iran, provide expertise in electronics and telecommunications and hold joint training exercises with Iranian armed forces. Tehran also seeks New Delhi to provide combat training for missile boat crews as well as simulators for ships and submarines and purportedly anticipates that India provide midlife service and upgrades for fighters, warship, and subs in Indian dockyards. 
2003: BACKGROUND: Last December, a high-level defense delegation from India visited Iran. The Indian team also evaluated the proposed development of a transport corridor from India to Afghanistan and Central Asia through Iran and submitted its findings in a report to the Defense Ministry. The Indo-Iranian defense cooperation agreement was signed on January 19 in Tehran by Admiral Madhavendra Singh, Indian Navy chief and chairman of the Chief of Staff Committee, and Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Iranian Minister of Defense and Logistics of the Armed Forces.

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Houthi crimes
Regarding Iran meddling in #Yemen through houthis "thread"
between 2005-16 Iran has trained intel operatives, terrorists, provided media support, and intal support network to houthi supporters
Houthi fighters fought in Iraq & Syria amongst hizbolah and hashd fighters, something they propagated and never tried to hide it anyways.
after a brief meeting with the Iranians one of its founders "Hussien" led a armed rebellion against Salehs cent Gov
houthis took sanaa in 09/2014 & the saudis/alliance started the campaign in 03/15, picking latter as the war start makes u an iran apologist 
29 Jan 2007:  "Nearly a quarter Yemen's Jews have fled their village and sought refuge at a hotel in the Arab country after militant Islamists threatened to kill them for selling alcohol, a government official said on Monday. ...
Just 200 Jews live in Yemen after thousands were evacuated to Israel in 1948.
"The Shi'ite militants of (Abdel-Malik) al-Houthi sent threats to them (Jews) because they sell wine," the official told Reuters. The Jewish community denied they sold wine."
19 Feb 2015: " Yemeni Jews, like those in other Arab countries, have suffered wave after wave of persecution. Originally many of them lived in Saada Province in the north, which was predominantly Zaydi, members of an offshoot of Shiite Islam that historically were anti-Semitic. The Houthis, whose base is in Saada, embedded that attitude in their slogan, “Death to America, death to Israel, damnation to the Jews.”
The Houthis fought a succession of wars with the central government beginning in 2004, and in 2007, a Houthi representative in Saada gave Jews there an ultimatum: Leave in 10 days or face attack. Yemen’s president then, Mr. Saleh, though a Zaydi himself, became a champion of the Jews from Saada. At government expense, Mr. Saleh relocated them to a gated community in Sana next to the American Embassy."

20 Feb 2009: "A few worried families are all that remain of Yemen's ancient Jewish community, and they too may soon flee after a Shi'ite Muslim militia seized power in the strife-torn country this month.

Harassment by the Houthi movement - whose motto is "Death to America, death to Israel, curse the Jews, victory to Islam" - caused Jews in recent years to largely quit the northern highlands they shared with Yemen's Shi'ites for millennia.
Mar 18, 2011,Saleh's forces trapped & sniped peaceful protesters n Sanaa killing 56 n cold blood.We will never forget or forgive.#Yemen
28 Dec 2015: In Yemen’s second most populated city, a Houthi blockade has brought residents previously barely subsisting to the brink of catastrophe
31 Jan 2016: Yemen: Houthis Block Vital Goods into Taizz 
9 Feb 2016: Huthi forces block vital hospital supplies fuelling humanitarian crisis in Ta'iz
13 August 2016: #Yemen a complex war: Houthis commit share of war crimes esp in #Taiz, land mines, snipers; as #KSA bombs civilians.
17 August 2016: The Huthi armed group in control of parts of Yemen must immediately ensure the release of all 27 members of the Bahá’í religion who have been detained in the capital, Sana’a, for a week without charge, in a blatant case of persecution of a minority faith.
In another case, Bahá’í member Hamed Haydara is due for his final court hearing on 25 September 2016. He was detained in December 2013 and accused of trying to convert Muslims to the Baha’i faith. He is also charged, among other things, with apostasy, working on behalf of the Israeli government and undermining the independence of the Yemeni State, all of which carry a mandatory death sentence under Yemeni law. 
XPres Saleh's Snipers in #Taiz #Yemen fell civilians with head shots same as 2011's Dignity Massacre & in Aden 2015. 
Bizarre. Earlier reality for millions was: Hussain al Houthi was assassinated by Saleh's reps at a mediation meeting 
No number of #Saudi atrocities in #Yemen can diminish the vast destruction of XPres Saleh's 30 year kleptocracy. 
19 August 2016:  . @BaFana3 on behalf of them killed by Saleh regime pre #Yemen rev, during rev & war, jailed for politics & starved for greed: justice 4 all
23 August 2016: Houthis deployed similar tactic when w/drawing from #Aden where land mines con't to injure & kill randomly  #Yemen
3 Oct 2016:  Six children killed in #Taiz, #Yemen by Houthi/ Saleh indiscriminate shelling
4 Oct 2016:  There's no "good" side in #Yemen war, not the one US is on (#KSA war crimes abundant) nor XPres Saleh & Houthis (also abundant war crimes).
10 Oct 2016:  Neither #Saudi UAE coalition nor Houthi Saleh authority value citizens lives or their human & civil rights like for example speech: #Yemen
24 Oct 2016: Houthis Prevent UNICEF Convoys from Entering Taiz 
30 Nov 2016:
Authorities in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, should immediately and unconditionally release a Baha’i man arbitrarily detained for nearly four months and end persecution of the Baha’i religious community, Human Rights Watch said today.
Keyvan Qadari, 43, is the last of five dozen Baha’is detained after mass arrests on August 10, 2016. Most were released within days, but two other men were held until November 27, and then released. Qadari has not been charged, brought before a judge, or given access to a lawyer. The authorities have repeatedly refused to allow him to meet with his family, permitting only a single phone call in September.
Sanaa-based authorities have arbitrarily arrested and detained members of the Bahai’i community previously. This includes Hamed Kamal Muhammad bin Haydara, who has been detained since December 2013, and is facing the death penalty, apparently for his religious beliefs. His next court hearing is on December 4. Houthi authorities earlier detained the al-Sakkaf brothers for two days after they attended a hearing in Haydara’s case in March 2015, interrogating them about their faith and other members of the community. 
1 Dec 2016: Yemen conflict: Terror of life under siege in Taiz 
March 2017: 
Two years into the war in Yemen, civilians continue to pay the heaviest price. As of February 2017, over 4,667 civilians have been killed, 8,180 have been injured and at least 3 million people have been forced to flee their homes. All sides to the conflict have failed to take the precautions necessary to spare civilians and civilian objects. The Saudi Arabia-led coalition has bombed schools, hospitals, markets and mosques, and has used internationally banned cluster munitions. Pro and anti-Huthi forces have used imprecise weapons in heavily populated civilian areas and have launched attacks from near homes, schools and hospitals.
25 Jan 2017:  Yemen Updates Retweeted Mohammed Al-Rumim Mohammed, 12yo boy, from #Taiz, was shot by a #Houthis sniper as he left the school #Yemen #YemenChildren @UNICEF_Yemen
30 Jan 2017:  XPres Saleh  fought 6 wars w Houthis, was close w al Qaeda, now he & his army are Houthi allies, no real religion there
21 Feb 2017:  Using loudspeakers,Houthis orderd civilians n Belad Alwafi,rural Taiz,to leav their homes.About 150 families wr displaced as a result.#Yemen
1 March 2017:  Amr Zaid Sultan - 12 year old - was killed & two others were injured after the Houthis fired a missile on AlMaafer village, South West Taiz
1 March 2017: In Hodaidah, Houthis detained five civilians in a night raid The raid was conducted by a group led by a 19 year old Houthi commander #Yemen
12 March 2017: Mohammed Sharaf Al-Deen died today four days after leaving prison Mohammed was heavily tortured by the Houthis before being hospitalized
12 March 2017: Something you won't hear often from Int'l organizations working on #Yemen There r no more space in Houthi prisons, they're full of detainees
12 March 2017:  Something you won't hear often from INT'L organizations, prisoners in are a variety from journalists, academics, doctors and teachers
12 March 2017:  Something U won't hear often from Organizations working on #Yemen Almost every week we have a detainee tortured or killed in Houthi prisons
17 March 2017:  A Houthi missile fired on a mosque inside a military camp in Marib kills 19 and injures 40 during Friday prayer #Yemen
20 March 2017:  5 houses blown up in Dhamar province, South Sanaa, by Houthi militants. The militants were led by a Republican Guard commander #Yemen 
22 March 2017:  Rasyal 10yrs old was bring water from outside to her home. Houthis sniper killed 
her in #Taiz city #Yemen @UNICEF 
24 March 2017:
And yet, continue 2 impede aid; MSF withdrawing from Ibb as can't operate w/ "independence + impartiality"
24 March 2017: A child Abdulah was killed by #Houthis sniper whn he ws playing infront of his home in #Taiz city
24 March 2017: A child Khulood 12 years old was killed today by Houthis and Saleh sniper in # city 
12 April 2017: #Yemen journalist Yehya Jubaihi sentenced to death by Houthi "court".He was abducted 4m his home&forcibly disapeard by Houthis sinc Sep 2016 
12 April 2017: Journalist Jubaihi is 1 among 36 activists currently tried by #Houthi "court" in Sanaa. @K_Beckerle @RashaMoh2 @amnestyusa #Yemen 
17 April 2017:  Houthi armed men raided a girl school n Sanaa, verbally & physicaly assaulted students & teachers for refusing to recite their slogan.#Yemen
21 April 2017:
Orders for the arrest of at least 25 Baha'is have been issued by certain authorities in Sana'a who are harassing the Yemeni Baha'is and pressuring them to recant their faith.
The baseless and nonsensical accusations levelled against the Baha'is include showing kindness and displaying rectitude of conduct in order to attract people to their Faith. These accusations bear a striking resemblance to those encountered by the Baha'is in Iran, and in fact, reports indicate the influence of Iranian authorities behind incidents transpiring in Yemen.
7 May 2017:
A bride was killed in Sana'a by the Houthis, after the groom family refused to pay them 200,000 YER #Yemen
18 August 2017:
On Monday, security agents with Yemen’s rebel Houthi movement arrested Omeisy in the capital, Sanaa, and they are holding him in an undisclosed location without access to a lawyer or his family, two international human rights groups said Friday in statements.
“Hisham al-Omeisy has been detained without charge or a court appearance in breach of Yemen’s constitution, which requires anybody arrested to be presented in court within 24 hours,” Samah Hadid, director of Amnesty International’s advocacy campaigns in the Middle East, said in statement.
In recent months, dozens of activists, journalists, lawyers and others critical of the rebel Houthi government and its partner, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, have been arbitrarily arrested or have vanished into the security apparatus, human rights groups say. Some have been tortured or have died in custody, the groups say.
What makes Omeisy’s detention surprising is that he was mostly critical of the Saudi-led coalition backing the government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who is trying to oust the rebels from Sanaa and much of the north. The coalition has launched numerous airstrikes that have killed thousands of civilians, including children, according to the United Nations. 
19 Sep 2017:  At least 22 children were killed & injured in Houthi/Saleh militia shelling of Taiz over the past 48 hours. #Yemen 
27 Sep 2017:
A UN Panel of Experts reported in June that the Houthis had earned up to US$1.14 billion from fuel and oil distribution on the black market, and that fuel was “one of the main sources of revenue for the Houthis.” Houthi-Saleh forces apparently also use imported fuel for military purposes. However, preventing or excessively delaying fuel imports from reaching civilians is contributing to the collapse of the health system, a lack of access to uncontaminated water, and increased costs that make food and basic goods unaffordable for impoverished Yemenis. The substantial harm to civilians is disproportionate to any concrete and direct military advantage to the coalition, in violation of international humanitarian law, Human Rights Watch said.
The Houthi armed group and forces loyal to former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh have also blocked or confiscated aid intended for civilians and imposed onerous and unnecessary restrictions on aid workers and interfered with aid delivery. Aid groups have pulled out staff or ceased working in some areas due to these restrictions.
8 oct 2017: Faiz Al-Adoofy passed away due to excessive torture by the Houthis in Hodaidah & Sanaa #Yemen 
8 Oct 2017: This mother was executed along with her 15 year old son by the Houthis in Taiz Her husband is Taha Farea - an anti Houthi activist #Yemen
20 Oct 2017:
The youth minister in war-torn Yemen’s rebel government has proposed suspending school classes for a year and sending pupils and teachers to the front.
Hassan Zaid, the minister for youth and sports in an administration set up by Iran-backed Huthi rebels, suggested pupils and teachers could be armed.
“Wouldn’t we be able to reinforce the ranks with hundreds of thousands (of fighters) and win the battle?” he wrote on Facebook.
Yemen has been devastated by a war between the Huthis, who control the capital, Sana’a, and the internationally recognised government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, backed by a Saudi-led military coalition.
2 Jan 2018: Abhorrent. After 3 yrs of unfair trial, #Huthis start 2018 by sentencing #Bahai Hamid Haydara to death. This shameful sentence must immediately be quashed, he must be released unconditionally, as he is a prisoner of conscience targeted for his conscientiously held beliefs #Yemen
8 Feb 2018: Woke up to the terrible news. Reham Albdr was a young activist & a promising researcher. She was killed today in Houthi shelling of Taiz city. #Yemen #HouthiCrimes

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Civility & Political Discourse in Pakistan
Bhutto swearing Bengalis. Calling them 'sons of swines who should go to hell'.
3 Sep 1992:
Benazir Bhutto has taken to openly calling the President “Ishaqa” and the Prime Minister “Nawazu”.
بینظیر بھٹو اور ان کی پاکستان پیپلزپارٹی کی ’اعتدال پسندی‘ کی ایک مثال یہ ہے کہ مئی انیس سو اٹھانوے میں ہندوستان کی طرف سے نیوکلیئر دھماکہ کرنے کے چند دنوں بعد حیدرآباد سندھ میں حزبِ مخالف اور پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کی رہنما بینظیر بھٹو نے ایک جلسۂ عام میں اپنی تقریر کے دوران اس وقت کے وزیرِاعظم نواز شریف کو تب تک بھارت کے جواب میں نیوکليئر تجرباتي دھماکہ نہ کرنے کا ’طعنہ‘ دیتے ہوئے انہیں (نواز شریف کو) ’چوڑیوں کا تحفہ‘ بھیجنے کی بات کی تھی۔
یہ بینظیر بھٹو کی نہ فقط اپنی سول اور فوجی آمریتوں کے خلاف بہادرانہ وار لڑائیوں کی نفی تھی بلکہ خطے میں ہتھیاروں کی دوڑ کو بھی شہ تھی۔
پیپلز پارٹی اور اسکی چیئر پرسن آج تک احمدیوں کو’غیر مسلم اقلیت‘ قرار دلوانے اور پاکستانی نیوکلیئر صلاحیت کا سہرا بڑے بھٹو کے سر باندھا کرتی ہیں-

Jamshed Dasti, Zulfiqar Mirza and Raja Riaz were once part of PPP.
2008: Firdos Aashiq Awan hurling abuses at Kishmala Tariq
2 Jan 2010:

بلاول کو 2013ء کے انتخابات میں وزیراعظم بنوانے کیلئے گیلانی عمر کی حد 20 سال کریں ،راجہ ریاض ، صدرزرداری کیخلاف سازش کرنیوالوں کو اٹھا کر سمندر میں پھینک دینگے ،جلسہ عام سے خطاب
21 Feb 2011:
KARACHI: Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, Sindh home minister and PPP provincial vice-president, said on Sunday that if the PPP was hit in Punjab, not even a single office of the PML-N would be allowed to exist in Sindh.
Addressing a rally in Lyari, he said the PPP was ready if PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif wanted an open confrontation. He said the episode of shoe-throwing at former Sindh chief minister Arbab Rahim could be repeated with somebody else. Mirza said he challenged the throne of Lahore with the power of the people of Lyari, adding the throne of Lahore should stop giving ultimatums.
“I am not a rogue, but I can become one for the sake of the country,” Mirza said at the ‘Solidarity Rally’ organised jointly by the People’s Aman Committee and the Katchi Rabita Committee. 
15 March 2011: Zulfiqar Mirza alleging Mir Shakil ur Rehman was molested by Aman Dalima when he was studying in St Patrick, and Zaradri recovered those photographs 
17 March 2012:
 پنجاب اسمبلی میں اپوزیشن رہنما راجا ریاض کا کہنا ہے کہ شہباز شریف کی سیاسی اور اخلاقی تربیت نہیں ہوئی، انہوں نے صدر زرداری کے خلاف نہایت غلیظ زبان استعمال کی ہے، منتخب صدر کیلئے ایسی زبان استعمال کریں گے توہمارے ہاتھ ان کے گریبان تک ضرور پہنچیں گے، مینٹل اسپتال کی انتظامیہ سے کہوں گا کہ وہ شہبازشریف کو لے جائے۔ لاہورمیں پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے راجاریاض نے کہا پنجاب میں پیپلزپارٹی کی حکومت آئی تو شہباز شریف کو سڑکوں پر نہ گھسیٹا تو میرا نام راجا ریاض نہیں، وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب کو گھسیٹ کرڈینگی سے مرنے والوں کی قبروں تک لے کرجائیں گے اور ان طالب علموں کے گھر بھی لے جاوٴں گا جو غلط امتحانی نتائج کی وجہ سے خود کشی پر مجبور ہوئے۔ اپوزیشن لیڈر کا کہناتھا کہ شہباز شریف کو پٹہ ڈال کر عائشہ احد کے گھر لے جاکر اسے انصاف دلاوٴں گا، انہیں ہنی برج تک لے جاوٴں گا اور مال روڈ پر سنگسار بھی کروں گا۔
6 April 2012:
 صدر آصف علی زرداری کا کہنا ہے کہ وہ جانتے ہیں پنجاب والوں کی گردن سے سریا کیسے نکالنا ہے، شریفوں کی طاقت کا اندازہ ہے، مسلم لیگ ن کامقابلہ کر لوں گا۔ گورنر ہاوٴس لاہور میں پیپلز پارٹی کے ٹکٹ ہولڈرز اور ضلعی صدور سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے صدر زرداری کا کہنا تھا کہ وہ انتخابات سے قبل پنجاب کے ہر ڈویژن میں جاکر بیٹھیں گے، مسلم لیگ ن کو رعایتیں اس لئے دیں کہ پرویز مشرف کو نکالنا پہلا ہدف تھا، اگر مسلم لیگ ن کو رعایتیں نہ دیتا تو پرویز مشرف کو نکالنا مشکل ہو جاتا۔
29 July 2014: Nabeel Gabol says that any Pathan or Baloch who doesn't marry more than one wife is not a man, and proposes to Reham Khan live.
27 Oct 2014:
فضل الرحمان نےدرست کہاکہ یہ یہودی لابی ہےجوکشمیرکوتسلیم نہیں کرتی،خورشیدشاہ
19 Nov 2014:
دوسروں سے کس منہ سے حساب پوچھتے ہوپہلے اپنے گھر والوں کو تو جواب دوہاں تمہارے اپنے لوگ .کہتے ہیں کہ تیرے دھرنوں کا پیسا یہودی بھیجرہے ہیں.
8 Dec 2014:
دیکھو جی فیصل آباد میں پرامن احتجاج ہو رہا ہے یہ پاکستان ہے یا کشمیر یا فلسطین یہودی یہی چاہتا ہے
9 April 2015: @CherieDamour_   I remember Tippi mocking Shireen Mazari. It was disheartening to see that coz PPP itself was lead by a woman. @SALSIKandar
19 June 2015: Nabeel bulldog Gabol
28 Jun 2015:
o kanjar dy putroooo
13 Nov 2015:
chacha yar aey ki kanjar khana ay yar
15 March 2016: Nabil Gabol says that Raveena Tandon's younger sister gave more love to Shahid Afridi than he gets in his house.
7 May 2016: Safdar Dil Se Patwaari Tha Ya Maryam Ko Bachpan Se Olympics Ka Shauq Tha?
12 May 2016:
کراچی: ڈپٹی اسپیکر اور ن لیگ کی رکن اسمبلی سورٹھ تھیبو میں شدید تلخ کلامی
20 May 2016:
مودی اور یہودی کے حامیوں کی آزاد کشمیر میں کوئی گنجائش نہیں چوہدری مجید -
22 June 2016:
سندھ اسمبلی کے اجلاس میں صوبائی وزیر ٹرانسپورٹ ممتاز جکھرانی نے مسلم لیگ ن کی خاتون رکن سورٹھ تھیبو کو ماسی کہہ دیا جس پر ایوان میں شدید ہنگامہ آرائی ہوئی۔ پینل آف چیئرمین کے رکن سیدمراد علی شاہ نے ماسی کا لفظ کارروائی سے حذف کردیا
25 June 2016:
When reporters asked Shehla Raza to comment on the protest of celebrities on the killing of Sufi singer Amjad Sabri, she remarked: “Who is leading the protest – a guy who is grandson of General Rani?”
15 July 2016:
جب PPP بھارٹی ظلم کےخلاف احتجاج کررهی تھی تو دوسری طرف 1 یهودی انلگلینڈ میں عیش کررهاتھا پھربھی هے
30 Aug 2016:
Aesa k jo pakistani flag par kanjar khana sajay khara hy @RabN_B
11 Nov 2016:
jis ki janib shah jee ny ishara kiya begherat bol kr wih begherat hy zani hy aor farebi hy dalla hy harami hy kanjar hy ik
14 Dec 2016:
kanjar khan
13 April 2017:

Leader of the Opposition Khursheed Shah, who had been addressing the house when the disruption happened, seemed to take particular affront, adding that: "Do not ask these women to stop talking, speaker; they will fall ill if they don't talk continuously."
The NA speaker was quick to tell Shah, a senior leader of the PPP, that: "You are hurting your privilege by speaking this way about women."
22 Apr 2017:
#سرٹیفائیڈچورنوازشریف  Mulzim Nawaz Sharif hazir hoooooooooooo  O kanjar dy putro mithai kis bat ki thi ab yeh awaz
29 April 2017:
نوازشریف سب سے پہلے مریم نوازکوگھربھیجیں،ان کوکچن میں بٹھائیں پھربات کریں،خورشید شاہ
29 April 2017:
Speaking to media personnel, Khursheed Shah lambasted the premier for his remarks about women in PTI's political rally.
"He should first of all send Maryam to the kitchen," he said. "Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should first make his daughter stay at home," he added.
13 June 2017:
کراچی:نصرت سحر عباسی اچھی اداکاری کرلیتی ہیں، ممتاز جاکھرانی
16 June 2017: Apny khan ko bol kanjar apni beti ko show kary ni koi uthata
16 June 2017: Lanat hai kti means kanjar thareek e insaf
1 July 2017:
اے بن گیا تے ملک اچ داعش پکی آئ سمجھو۔ اے یہودی ہے گا بھاگا نیازی
4 July 2017: 
نبیل گبول نے موقع پر ملنے پر جواب دیا کہ آپ اشارہ ہماری طرف کرتے ہیں لیکن کہتے کسی اور کو ہیں۔ فرض کریں آپ ہمیں کہہ رہے ہیں تو پھر سنیں کہ اگر کٹھ پتلیوں نے آپ کی یہ حالت کر دی ہے کہ آپ لوگوں کے کپڑے گیلے اور ٹانگیں اوپر ہو گئی ہیں تو پھر اصلی لوگ کیا کیا کچھ کریں گے۔انھوں نے انکشاف کیا کہ ایک ایم این اے نے تو انھیں خود بتایا کہ اسے نیند نہیں آتی اور وہ چار چارx zeniکی گولیاں کھا کرسوتا ہے۔ آپ جن کٹھ پتلیوں کی بات کرتے ہیں کیا کبھی آپ نے ان کا نام بھی لیا؟۔ آپ مرد کے بچے بنیں اور نام لیں تاکہ قوم کو بھی پتہ چلے کہ یہ سازشی عناصر اور یہ کٹھ پتلیاں وغیرہ آخر ہیں کون... انھوں نے اینکر کو مخاطب کرکے کہا کہ اگر آج کے پروگرام میں انھوں نے کٹھ پتلیوں کا نام لے لیا تو میں اپنی مونچھیں کٹوا دوں گا۔اور کامران شاہد اور فواد چودھری کی طرح کلین شیو ہو جاں گا۔
6 July 2017:
ان کےسپورٹرزنظریاتی ہوتےہیں یہ خواتین کو آگےلاتےہیں.ان کا احترام کرتےہیں یہ بی.بی کی پارٹی ہے یہ میڈیاسیل بختاور اورآصفہ زرداری هیڈ کرتی ہیں
24 July 2017:
امداد پتافی نے ن لیگ کی سورٹھ تھیبو اوردیگر کو چری (پاگل) کہا 
31 July 2017:
Mr. Ghani said that Imran Khan will have to produce not only the money trail but also his blood trail so that everything comes out in the open as black and white. He will have to declare the asset which is for a Ghairatmand person is the biggest asset of his life. 
19 Sep 2017:  
جمائما نے غیر مرد پر اعتبار کیا اپنے شوہر پر نہیں،سعید غنی
22 Sep 2017:
عمران خان کو یہودی ایجنٹ کہنے والوں میں پیپل پارٹی بھی شامل. کہاں ہے وہ لوگ جو کہتے ہیں پیپل پارٹی روشن خیال اور لبرل پارٹی ہے؟ لعنت PPP پر.
24 Sep 2017:
O kanjar insan tery 7 senators vote cast kar lety tau manzor na hota
27 Sep 2017:
نہ مودی کا نہ یہودی کا قائد حزب اختلاف ہوگا پاک دھرتی کا
8 Oct 2017:
نشئی خان ملک میں کیا تبدیلی لائے گا یہودی لابی کا ایجنٹ
15 Oct 2017:
زانی,چندہ چور,جواری,نشئی,اوتر نکھتر اور بھی بہت کچھ چہرے پر پڑی جھریاں پوری کتاب ہیں.
15 Oct 2017:
اور نیازی کتی تم عادی زانی ھو شکل سے اپنے باپ کا تعارف کرواؤ.سر زرداری کا نام  تیرے جیسے کریکٹرلیس یہودی النسل کو زیب نہیں دیتا.
15 Oct 2017:
لو جی. خود نیازی کی شکل بندر 🙉🙉🙉🙉 جیسی اور باتیں دوسروں پر. بتایا نہیں کبھی آپا آپ نے نیازی کو؟
Ali Waqas Aulakh added,
22 Oct 2017:
کسی کے پاس اس بندے کا نمبر ہے جو خان صاحب کو 'خوراک' سپلائی کرتا ہے
25 Oct 2017:
راچی(اُردو پوائنٹ اخبارتازہ ترین۔ 25 اکتوبر2017ء)پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی خواتین ونگ سندھ کی سیکریٹری اطلاعات سعادیہ جاوید اورکراچی کی سیکریٹری اطلاعات شاہینہ سعیدہ نے کہا کہ پی ٹی آئی کے چیئرمین نے اگر مزید ڈرگس کا استعمال نہ چھوڑا تو وہ جلد پاگل خانے میں پائے جائینگے۔انہوں نے کہا کہ جس طرح ان کی رکن قومی اسمبلی عائشہ گلالئی نے ان کی اصلیت عوام کے سامنے لا کھڑی کی ہے اس سے نوجوان نسل اس نشئی کے جنگل میں پھنستی نظر آرہی ہے جو کہ لمحہ فکریہ ہے۔
عائشہ گلالئی کے انکشاف کے مطابق اسلام آباد دھرنے کے دوران 47کروڑ مالیت کی منشیات اسمگل کی گئی اور اس سب کا تعلق براہ راست عمران نیازی سے ہیں ۔ عمران نیازی نیا پاکستان بنانے کے جو خواب دیکھ رہے ہیں شاید ان کی نظر میں جگہ جگہ منشیات اور طالبان کے اڈے کھلوانے نیا پاکستان کی پہلی کڑی ہے۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ عمران نیازی احمقوں کی جنت سے باہر نکل کرقوم کو اپنے چار سالہ خیبر پختونخواہ حکومت کی کارکردگی اور ترقیاتی کاموں کی مثالی دیں نہ کہ کسی کی بہن اور ماں فریال تالپور کے خلاف اپنی گندی زبان استعمال کریں۔
26 Oct 2017:

نیازی خان اور اس کی ساری فیملی ” شوکت خانم ” کی کمائی پر چلتے ہیں،آصف زرداری
26 Oct 2017:
کاروبار نیازی کے نام سے کرتا ہے اور سیاست کے لیے خان بن جاتا ہے ، آصف زرداری
23 Oct 2017:
سب کو لال شہباز قلندر نے آنے دیا اس شخص کو دروازے سے واپس بھیجا، لال قلندر نے مسئلہ بتادیا لعنتیوں کیلئے اولیاء اللہ کے ہاں کوئی جگہ نہیں
26 Oct 2017:
پیپلز پارٹی کے رہنمائوں نے پی ٹی آئی چیئر مین عمران خان کو شدید تنقید کا نشانہ بناتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ عمران سیاست اور معاشرے میں یرقان ہیں،عائشہ گلالئی کے الزامات کی تحقیقات ہوئی تو عمران خان جیل جائیں گے، عمران نیازی کی طالبان سے لنک کوئی راز کی بات نہیں،جو شخص اپنا گھر نہیں سنبھال سکا ملک کا کیا حال کریگا ۔ان خیالات کا اظہار بدھ کو پیپلز پارٹی کے سیکر ٹری جنرل نیئر حسین بخاری،سینیٹر روبینہ خالد اور سینیٹر عاجز دھامرا نے اپنے بیانات میں کیا۔
26 Oct 2017:
پی پی سینیٹر عاجز دھامرا نے عمران خان کو ڈینگی کہہ دیا
29 Oct 2017:
اپنی بیٹی تو قبول نہیں عمران خان کو دوسروں کی بیٹیوں پر کچرا پھینکنے کے لیے اسکے کتے آزاد
2 Nov 2017:
 More #PPP MPA #ImdadPitafi again abuse the MPA #NusratSaher, few month back @AseefaBZ @BBhuttoZardari took notice and he apologized  #EndImpunity
5 Nov 2017:
  سندھ پہنچتے ہی نیازی کا منہ کمہاروں والا کیوں ہوجاتا ہے؟؟؟ یہ ایسا سوال ہے جس کا جواب الیکشن کے بعد ملتا نظر آرہا ہے #اوباڑو_کپتان_کا
8 Nov 2017: Yahodi apni aourten dy kar kaam nikalwaty hein #چندہ_چور_کپتان
8 Nov 2017: #چندہ_چور_کپتان bohat bohat pehly hakeem Saeed shahed ka Imran niazi bary izhary khayal @BBhuttoZardari @SurendarValasai @Mughal6Salman
8 Nov 2017: #  چندہ_چور_کپتان
28 Dec 2017: Shaukat Basra declares the whole Nawaz Sharif the looter, Shahbaz Sharif the murderer and whole Sharif family as blasphemer.
7 Jan 2018:   "پی ٹی آ ئی والوں کا گرو تگڑا ہے، نہ پیر چھوڑے نہ مرید.‘‘ شوکت بسرا