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Rape and politics in Pakistan

Thread on politics of sexual crimes in Pakistan. Pakistani politicians of all stripes allegedly committed/abetted/hushed up/trivialized #SexualCrimes. Probably worse is yet to be reported.

In the Sindh province particularly two dargahs/shrines are famous for forced conversions of young Hindu girls. Bharchundi Sharif, in Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotki District, Taluka Daharki and Pir Sarhandi, Umerkot District, Taluka Samaro. The 'gaddi nasheen' (or keeper of the seat) of both these shrines are supported and backed by Pakistan People's Party (PPP).

In case the reader is suffering from amnesia, the following are recorded cases of rape and forced conversions. There probably are hundreds which never came into the limelight. The girls were abducted, married off to Muslim men after forcefully converting to Islam. Their ages are anywhere from 13 to 18 years.

January 4, 2005: 18-year-old Marvi and 16-year-old Hemi from Kunri village in Umerkot District

March 3, 2005: 14-year-old Raji from Aslam Town Jhuddo, Mirpurkhas

September 2005: 17-year-old Kochlia, kidnapped and gangraped in Jacobabad

December 22, 2005: 13-year-old Mashu from Jhaluree, 20 km from Mirpur Khas

December 30, 2005: Qosheela's abducted from Ghotki

January 24, 2010: 14-year-old Kasturi Kohli from Mokrio village, Nagarparkar, who was gang raped by Sharjeel Memon's goons. Yet another PPP leader. 

September 11, 2011: 29-year-old Dr Lata Kumari, Jacobabad

February 24, 2012: 17-year-old Rinkle Kumari's is a high profile case, where her abductor, turned husband Naveed Shah is given support and provided immunity from the law by Mian Abdul Haq aka Mian Mithu, PPP MNA from Ghotki.

The recent case of two minor-girls, age six and 14, who were raped in a PPP constituency, Umerkot is not a rare occurrence. Sexual violence is often used as a system to harass, intimidate and force conversion to Islam in Pakistan. There are countless cases in Sindh where children belonging to the oppressed Hindu minority have been sexually assaulted, raped and then refused justice. And in order to further humiliate them and their community, if they are of marriageable age, and unluckily survive the brutality, they are married off to the criminals who perpetrated the crime.

December 4, 2012: A 6 year-old minor, daughter of Munwar Meghwar, a labourer from Ghulam Nabi Shah, Umerkot District was abducted from the street in front of her house and sexually assaulted. The child stayed at the Mirpurkhas Civil Hospital till December 11, from where she was later shifted to Karachi for better treatment.

December 23, 2012: 14-year-old schedule caste (Bheel) Hindu girl from Chachro (FIR no 61/12 u/s 354 Pakistan Penal Code. Complainant Bheel against three accused)

22 June 2006:
the duty officer at the police station refused to lodge a case after learning that the suspects were affiliated with the ruling parties such as the MQM, the Pakistan Muslim League Functional and Jeay Sindh.

11 Dec 2006:  Jam Memon, Taluka Nazim Kunri, member of PMLQ who later joined PTI, accused of gang rape of Nadra Parveen who served as polling agent of his rival candidate


2 April 2007:
 Safia Qureshi, a second year student was kidnapped and shot dead near her house. The accused then handed over the body to officials of casualty ward of the Civil Hospital Dadu.
Rashida Begum, mother of the deceased, alleged that Zubair Jamali, brother of the PPP MNA Rafique Jamali had kidnapped her daughter and attempted to rape her and on her resistance she was killed. She said that since last many months, Zubair Jamali was harassing her daughter on phone.

4 April 2007:
Family members of Safia Qureshi, who was killed after kidnap late on Saturday night, pardoned the main accused Zubair Jamali on the request of chief of Jamali tribe and elders, said late Safia’s mother Rashida Begum on Wednesday.
Late Safia’s mother Rashida Begum told journalists that People’s Party Parliamentarians MNA Rafique Ahmed Jamali, tribal chief Sardar Datal Khan Jamali and nazim of union council Bahawalpur Saeed Ahmed Jamali with other notables of Jamali tribe arrived at her house on Tuesday night and sought pardon for Zubair Jamali.
She said that she had forgiven the main accused as her family had old relations with Jamalis and one of her daughters Roma was married to Abdullah Jamali, a close relative of Zubair Jamali and MNA Rafique Ahmed Jamali.

4 May 2007: Brutal attack and threats of rape against female opposition council members of the Karachi city government by the ruling party (MQM) members


Mazar Rape (15 March 2008)

March 2008:
The mausoleum is under the tight control of the three arm forces of Pakistan and there have been many reported cases of rape and sexual harassment of women. It is due to this that the people of Karachi are avoiding visiting the mausoleum. It is believed that the police and city administration are not willing to conduct investigations and arrest the offenders as the suspected rapists are guards from armed forces personnel. They are now putting pressure on the family of the victim not to pursue the case.

18 March 2008: The 19-year-old girl who went missing on March 15 and was allegedly gang-raped by five employees of the Quaid’s Mausoleum for 36 hours, again went missing after identifying one of the assailants during the identification process on Tuesday night (March 18).  The victim identified the accused, Syed Khadim Hussain Shah, during the identification process at the office of the Resident Engineer, who supervises the employees at the mausoleum.
It is also learnt from a WAR official, Sarah Zaman, that, after releasing the man, the WAR team was physically forced to leave by Aga Asif Kerbalai, a representative of Jaffria Alliance and a trustee of Shah-e-Khurasan who had been supporting the family with the case and helped them lodge an FIR (50/2008) at the Brigade police station against the mausoleum’s administration.The physical attack was prompted by the intervention of PPP MPA Shehla Raza, who accused the WAR team of kidnapping the girl, although the WAR team was taking the girl back to the shelter home on a special request by the Investigation Officer.
However, the accused in question has been set free as he is allegedly said to have been employed at the mausoleum on a very high recommendation by the minister for environment [Askar Taqvi, MQM], according to reliable sources at WAR. “It is too early to say anything. She identified the wrong man,” the Investigation Officer of the Brigade Police Station, Sabir Hussain, insisted while talking to The News. 

7 April 2013:
A sessions court on Saturday acquitted three men in a case pertaining to the gang rape of a young woman on the premises of the Mazar-e-Quaid for want of evidence.
The court did not treat the DNA reports as evidence and observed that while they might be helpful in establishing the parentage of a child and other purposes, its utility and evidentiary value was not acceptable under the Hudood laws since they had their own standard of evidence.
Referring to a verse from the Quran, the court stated that someone who made a charge of zina was required to produce four witnesses to support the allegations and upon failure the complainant was liable to suffer punishment prescribed in the said verse.
The court also reproduced a page in its verdict from Maulana Abul Ala Maududi’ voluminous Tafheem-ul-Quran on the point of four witnesses in rape cases.According to the prosecution, an 18-year-old girl was subjected to a sexual assault after being kidnapped on the premises of the Mazar by around five men on the night of March 15, 2008 and was found in an unstable condition outside the mausoleum on March 17.


2009:  Police protect ruling party (MQM) members who are guilty of rape and maiming with acid

29 Jan 2009: A girl was raped and kidnapped by the relatives of a Mr. Abdul Haque Bhurt, PPP Provincial Minister of Livestock and her whereabouts are unknown
The provincial government of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has refused to help the victims. However, local leaders and activists of PPP are agitating against their leadership for taking the side of powerful people. The women leadership of the party and women ministers have not intervened in this case as the provincial minister is close friend of Mr. Asif Zardari, the President of Pakistan. 

1 Feb 2009:
An 18-year-old girl, Ms R, of Pathan Mohalla, Mithiani, Tehsil and district Naushahro Feroz, Sindh province, trafficked to a family through marriage, has been raped by her father-in-law and other male members of his family for a period of almost one month. After she managed to escape, a Jirga (illegal court) was held and they ordered that the girl be returned to her parents. However, a second Jirga, conducted by Mr. Noorul Khan Bhurt, nephew of a Provincial Minister on Livestock, ordered that she be returned to her husband and his family on the basis that the girl's parents had accepted money n exchange for the girl’s marriage. With the order of the second Jirga, the girl was kidnapped on October 21, 2008 and since that date her whereabouts remain unknown. Because of the involvement of the Provincial Minister the police are not taking action against the abduction and continuous rape of the girl. Please refer to our urgent appeal AHRC-UAC-008-2009

May 2009:
The perpetrators shaved of head hair of 2 women after rape as mark of inhuman treatment: One was in Larkana city mother of 5 while the other was in Mathelo in Ghotki district. Families of both left their homes out of terror as police failed to arrest culprits. 2 sisters in Seerani town of Badin district were repeatedly kidnapped and raped by local influential persons. Police did not move as such their families migrated to safer place. In Dadu father and son both raped a widow. In many cases of rape police not only did not take action but sided with perpetrators pressurizing the victim to withdraw report. 

14 Sep 2009:
Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MPA Tahir Mahmood Handli [now PTI] raided the police station in Sialkot to get the rape accused released. MPAs men roughed up Dunya News correspondent to stop him from covering the incident and threatened to kill him. Handli along with his supporters reached the police station to get the two rape accused released who manhandled the police officials and tore up the uniform of ASI. When Dunya News correspondent Hafiz Imran reached the police station to cover the event, MPAs accomplices tortured him. They asked the correspondent to stop giving news to the channel or they would beat him to death. According to the correspondent, the men also threatened him to shot in leg for not handing over his cell phone to them.

16 Sep 2009:
Balochistan Chief Minister Aslam Raisani [PPP] ordered on Wednesday a probe into rape of a minor girl.
Deploring the brutality, he directed the health department to provide best treatment to the victim. “Take extreme care of the girl,” he said, adding that police should take all possible steps for the arrest of the culprit.
The chief minister announced Rs200,000 compensation for the victim.
A four-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her brother-in-law in Kuchlak area, some 25km off here.


Gang rape by PPP-backed teachers in Khairpur Mirus, Larkana (Oct 2009)

29 Oct 2009:
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has been informed that senior police officials are preventing an investigation into the alleged gang rapes of female students by a group of teachers. The family of one victim is being pressured to settle outside legal channels in a feudal jirga court, despite directions from the Chief Minister of Sindh to have the accused arrested. Their case has been compromised by local police, who willfully delayed the girl's medical examination by a week. This incident shows the freedom enjoyed by Sindh police to work against the law and the public on behalf of wealthy patrons.
Local media reports claim that cases of rape and abuse have been connected to these three teachers for a number of years – ever since a local bodies system was introduced that gives much more power to local representatives (mainly powerful landlords), and thus their relatives. The men were neither arrested nor removed from their positions in the school. The Rajpars are part of a powerful local family; their brothers are the chairmen of the union council and town council respectively. Local activists and parents of protesting students have said that they were threatened both by police officers and known henchmen of the landed aristocracy. 

21 Oct 2009: The father of a students who was allegedly gang-raped by three teachers, has said that some influential persons of the area and the accused nominated in the FIR were hurling threats to him.
Talking to journalists at Faiz Ganj Press Club on Wednesday, he alleged that police were supporting the accused due to pressure of the influential figures who were pressuring him to settle the matter through a jirga. He said that he would not compromise on the issue at any cost.  He said that due to the threats to his family, they were shifting their venue during day and night. He said that 20 girls of their village had stopped going to school after the incident.  According to the girl, she was gang-raped by school teacher Shoukat Jatt, Ghulam Mustafa Rajpar and Imtiaz Rajpar.

8 Nov 2009:
Asma Khand, victim of gang-rape in Faiz Gunj town, had alleged that the accused teachers had gang-raped her and her classfellow Saima Jatt had supported them. She announced self-immolation if she was deprived of justice and demanded the trial of the accused in an anti-terrorism court. 

The District and Sessions Judge, Khairpur, Ghulam Qadir Leghari, meanwhile, rejected the plea of the accused teachers Imtiaz Rajper and Ghulam Mustafa and student Saima Jatt to confirm their interim bail and remanded them to jail custody. 

Saima was sent to women’s jail in Sukkur. Supporters of the teachers belonging to the PPP attempted to take the accused away from the court premises but the police foiled their bid.

Shazia Masih (Jan 2010)

Shazia, a 12 years old Christian girl was killed on January 22, 2010, in home of Mohammad Naeem Advocate who employed her as housemaid in 2009.

Mohammad Naeem Advocate led processions to reinstate Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan when he was President of Lahore High Court Bar Association during Pervaiz Musharraf regime when he sacked CJ Iftikhar Mohammad Choudry.

Killer Mohammad Naeem Advocate have links with Pakistan Army and ruling Party of Punjab which were instrumental to reinstate Chief Justice and outset Musharraf government.

On January 21, 2010, Mohammad Naeem Advocate came to house of Shazia and told her father Bashir Masih that their daughter is sick and in hospital. Mohammad Naeem was accompanied with one Pakistan Army Brigadier and offered twenty thousand Rupees as deal to cover-up situation of Shazia sickness.

When father of Shazia reached Lahore hospital with other relatives on morning of January 22, 2010, Shazia was found dead. The doctors told cause of death as rape and murder after hitting with sharp blunt weapon.

Bashir Masih went to Defense Police Station for registration of case against Mohammad Naeem advocate with leaders of one Christian NGO.

The parents of Shazia are illiterate and not familiar with legal situation and depended on directions of Christian NGO leaders who also not bothered to get written medical report causing death of Shazia after receiving dead body. The incident was brought in notice of Pakistani electronic media which broadcasted news of rape and killing of Shazia by Muslim lawyer attracting attention of provincial and federal authorities.

As claimed by Mohammad Naeem advocate in presence of Pakistan Army Brigadier in home of Shazia to her parents that he have links with politicians and Pakistan Army and no one can touch him in Pakistan but on uproar of media and protest of some Christian NGO activists and family of victim in front of Punjab Assembly building in Lahore, police took over dead body and laid down in local hospital.


26 Jan 2010:
Mohammad Naeem Advocate, who is former President of Lahore High Court Bar Association is nominated a main accused in killing and rape of one teenage Christian girl Shazia Bashir, a housemaid in her home since 2009.

Accused Mohammad Naeem is so influential that after killing Shazia Bashir dared to settle a deal with her parents accompanying with Pakistan Army Brigadier for Rupees 20,000.

Muslim killer and molester is so powerful that he have contacts with Pakistan Army and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group that Chief Minister of Punjab came to his rescue and constituted Medical Board for postmortem of Christian victim.

To safe Mohammad Naeem, Medical Board declared that Christian teenage girl was not raped, which was constituted by Health Secretary Punjab on directives of Punjab Chief Minister. 

Now, Muslim lawyers are protecting a culprit on intimation of Pakistan Muslim League PML(N) and PPP and additional session court judge have accepted bail of all family members of killer Mohammad Naeem. Are these Muslim lawyers custodian of law?

Feb 2010:
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group PML(N) and bureaucracy of Punjab government with support
of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP in federal government of Pakistan bulldozed justice in Pakistan with fabricated medical reports in Shazia killing case.
Accused Mohammad Naeem was granted bail by additional session judge Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Lahore Cantonment Courts Lahore in murder case of 12 years old Christian housemaid Shazia Bashir.  According to electronic media of Pakistan, the lawyer of accused argued “Postmortem report of Shazia did not indicate that Shazia had been murdered. However, the report states that Shazia’s death was due to the infection caused by old injuries nor the police have also found any evidence in 14 days remand that advocate Naeem and his family were being involved in Shazia’s murder”

Feb 2010:
Mohammad Naeem, as President of Lahore High Court Bar Association played active role in rallies and Long March to reinstate deposed Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan by President Parvez Mushraaf.
Accused had also close relations with Sharif brothers who owned Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group (PML-N)  The Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif also rushed to home of Shazia Bashir and promised to ensure justice and monitory compensation of 5 hundred thousand rupees. In Punjab is government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz PML(N) and Christian member of PML(N) Kamran Michael was being used to assure Christians that PML(N) is more supportive than PPP.  Chief Minister issued directives and FIR of rape and murder was registered against Naeem Advocate in Defense Police Station on January 25, 2010.
The Chief Minister of Punjab constituted Medical Board of three doctors which made first statement after postmortem that “Shazia was not raped”
Pakistan Christian Congress PCC raised objections on Medical Board of chief minister but CLAAS which was leading in case not bothered to challenge findings on rape of 12 year old girl instead kept them busy in sending reports abroad to their funding agencies.


Kasturi Kolhi Rape Case (Jan 2010)

Jan 2010: Short documentary on Kasturi Kolhi Rape Case from Nagarparkar Tharparkar Sindh Pakistan

My sin was i smsed every one to not let go Nisar Khuro in jalsa of Khosos of PPP as they were involve in the rape of Kastoori Hindu in 2009

And those who were involve in the rape of Kastori kolhan were ppp linked feudal, i was harrassed by even Nisar Khuro for being outspoken...

Feb 2010:
On Feb 18, the police raided village Dhana Gam, union council Pithapur, the native village of Veerji Kohli, who actively campaigned for the registration of the gang-rape case.
Veerji Kohli, and 12 of his relatives were beaten up and arrested. The police also threatened to fix them in criminal cases if they tried to pursue the case

1 March 2010: Veerje Kolhi, a human rights activist and main complainant of the rape victim’s case told The News that the village which these people belonged to was not a Guggal growing area. Guggal gum was collected from Karoonjhar Hills, 30 kilometer away from the area. He termed this a tactic to pressurize Kastoori’s poor parents to withdraw their case. He said that the culprits had the backing of local PPP leaders that was why police officials were hesitant to take any action against them.

12 March 2010: Shirmela Farooqi Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh visited Rape Victim Kastoori Kolhi and said rich people never accused therefore her efforts to arrest culprits will go in vain.
According to information received from local NGOs, the Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network and All Kohli, Ms. Kastoori, seen in the video clip below (also here), is 17 years old and was abducted on 24 January 2010. 

After being taken in the evening by Ramzan Khoso, Habib Ullah Khoso and Ghulam Nabi Khoso, with the help of their armed guard Verio Gur-Ro, Kastoori was allegedly raped by Ramzan, the eldest of the brothers. She was recovered the next day from the mens' residence by a group from her community, where she was found tied up.

The family rejected an out of court sum offered to them by the father of the three perpetrators, Muhammad Bachaal Khoso, who is an office bearer for the local ruling political party and reportedly wields political influence. He arranged a jirga – an illegal tribal court – on 9 February, allegedly within the knowledge of Nagar Parker police officers. The jirga members allegedly pressured the victim's family to accept the marriage of the victim to her rapist and her conversion Islam. The family rejected this proposal and continued to try to use legal channels. 
At the Hyderabad press club Kastoori (featured in the You Tube video, embedded) has threatened to publically kill herself if the perpetrators are not arrested. Mr. Hameed Chand, Assistant Sub Inspector in Naga Parker, and the investigation officer have told human rights activists that they are being prevented from pursuing the case by ruling party members and local landlords. The victim and her family are in hiding, and civil society protests have reportedly not resulted in further action from the authorities. 


7 March 2010:  
In the first incident of its kind, 71 Dalit Meghwar families of the Aaklee village, comprising 400 members, have left their ancestral village to protest against the alleged abduction of a 15-year-old Meghwar girl Daya. According to the villagers, the teenager was forcibly married to a Muslim influential.
The Meghwar community members are considered traditional supporters of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). However, the community elders maintain that though they had conveyed the issue to the party leaders, all they received are empty assurances.

April 2010:
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received new information about an extreme case of rape, attempted murder, corruption and impunity that took place in 2008 and 2009. The incident involved members of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), a ruling partner of the Zardari government, but police have failed to protect the victims – two sisters – and have released an extremely poor, gender-biased investigation report. The report reduces the case to that of a family 'feud'. It does not address the year-long struggle of the women to have the case credibly filed and investigated.

April 2010:
A girl of 14 year was gang raped to take revenge from her father for nominating accused persons in a theft case
In the third week of April 2010 there was a theft at the house of Mr. Ghulam Shabbir, 40, a farmer and resident of village Bachal Leghari, Taluka Johi, district Dadu, Sindh province. Shabbir lodged a report to Johi police station mentioning the names of accused persons who attacked his house and stole valuable items. The police were reluctant to file a FIR (First Information Report) against the accused persons as they are notorious criminals and henchmen of the tribal chief of Jamali tribe, Mr. Dattal Jamali whose younger brother, Mr. Rafiq Jamali, is a federal minister. The accused persons threatened Shabbir many times and warned him to withdraw their names from the theft case otherwise he would face serious consequences.
The Johi police refused to give a letter for a medical examination for rape which is a legal formality for the government hospital. Next day people from different villages protested and over the incident. They took the girl to the Dadu district government hospital for a medical examination. The medical was conducted and after two days a provisional certificate was issued which confirmed that she was raped by more than one person. But until now the hospital has not issued a final report as there was tremendous pressure from tribal chief and his younger brother, the minister of state.
The villagers and citizens of Dadu city went to the house of Mr. Rafiq Jamali, federal State minister and the younger brother of Dattal Jamali, the tribal chief of Jamali clan, who promised the protesters that he would help to arrest the perpetrators. However, on the instruction of his elder brother he immediately left the city without helping the victim and her family. They also protested at the office of the district police officer (DPO) who immediately suspended two assistant sub inspectors, Mr. Ehsan Soomro and Mr. Siddique Mallah, to cover up the whole situation against police inefficiency to stop the rape. Action against the police officers like deputy superintendent police (DPO), Mr. Allah Rakhio, SHO of Johi police station, Bakhshal Jamali, assistant sub inspector (ASI) Sain Rakhio was not taken as they are the relatives of minister and tribal chief.

10 May 2010:
The girl was kidnapped by eight armed men from her house in Bachal Leghari village in Johi taluka on Thursday and was allegedly sexually assaulted. They let the girl go after villagers and her relatives surrounded them.
None of the accused named as suspects Ayoub Leghari, Allah Dino Leghari, Laiq Leghari, Allah Dito Leghari, Mehboob Leghari and two unnamed persons have been arrested.
The girl's father Ghulam Shabbir Leghari said the accused were influential people who had threatened that if he did not withdraw the case they would kidnap the girl again and kill her.
16 May 2010:
Speaking on the occasion, Amar Sindhu said that it was the negligence of the elected PPP MPA and MNA that the accused were not arrested after passage of 10 days.
She alleged that the PPP government was supporting criminals in the rural areas of Sindh.
She said that it was the third gang-rape during the PPP government in Sindh.According to her, the accused of gang-rape cases were not arrested due to inefficiency of police and the government.

Irfana Mallah told reporters that incidents of gang rape were increasing during the PPP government as criminals were given a free hand and elected MPAs and MNAs were supporting them. She said that Johi police was supporting the accused nominated in the gang-rape case.

20 May 2010:
Veerji Kohli booked in a murder case whereas on the day of murder of a land grabber he was 500 kilometers away. He was attending a daylong conference of the civil society on the issue of Eighteenth amendment in the constitution and provincial autonomy. In 2010 he was abducted by the land grabbers who were also involved allegedly in the rape of a 17 years old Dalit girl. He was severely beaten during his captivity and was intimidated for raising his voice for the rights of the Dalits who have been bonded labourers for decades.

The police and a provincial minister are providing protection to the perpetrators. The provincial minister is allegedly involved in grabbing the land where the precious China Clay was found. 

30 June 2010:
Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) legislator Jamshed Dasti has allegedly threatened gang-rape victim Mukhtar Mai to withdraw her appeal in the Supreme Court against the accused rapists.
In an exclusive interview with The Express Tribune, Mukhtar Mai, an iconic character who came to the limelight for her brave fight for justice after being gang-raped, has alleged that MNA Jamshed Dasti is threatening her family through his emissaries to withdraw the case or face dire consequences.

6 July 2010:
July 6 The Sindh High Court on Tuesday issued notices to an adviser to the Sindh chief minister and a former provincial minister in a petition against harassment of a woman.
Petitioner Sakina Mallah alleged that the adviser, Ghulam Qadir Malkani, and the former minister, Usman Malkani, had forced her to make a statement before a judicial magistrate that she had been kidnapped by their rivals, Umer Jat and Ahmed Jat, with the intention to rape her.

July 2010: Dr. Abdul Jabar Memon raped a Christian nurse in Jinnah POstgraduate Medical Centre. Memon.....
 A source at the JPMC said, “The fact that the JPMC’s administration has filed an FIR is a big step in itself given the backing that this MLO has. Dr Memon is rumoured to have links with the PPP and the Jiye Sindh Qaumi Mahaz.”
“I have heard that the MLO has links with the PPP, but our party leaders are with the victim,” says Alwani. PPP’s Sharmila Faruqi too has been ballyhooing her party’s support for the victim with frequent visits to the JPMC flanked by cameramen.

21 August 2010:
Noted human rights activist Veerji Kolhi has gone missing, while his whereabouts are unknown since Thursday evening.

Veerji played an active role in bringing Kastoori Kolhi’s rape accused under the court of law, with moral support given by civil society organisations of the province. He was allegedly pressurised by Bachal Khoso [PPP leader], the father of the main accused, to compromise in the case, but Veerji refused, said Dr Ashothama.

22 August 2010:
Briefing media persons about the background, she said that for last couple of weeks, Veerji, a father of two little children, was being threatened by Raees Bachal Khoso [PPP local leader], who has the support of Ghulam Qadir Mari [PPP senior leader] to take a police case back. Raees is the father of accused rapist, Ramazan Bachal Khoso in a famous case where the whole Kohli community, after getting tired of frequent rapes of young farmer women by the influential feudal, dared to report the gang rape of Kastori with the help of Veerji Kohli.


 Khipro gang rape of Zainab Bhayo (Oct 2010)

7 Oct 2010:
Chieftain of Bhayo community told journalists that he and his community were not satisfied with the investigation. The victim girl did not hide her ordeal from her family who supported her and a case was registered, otherwise the gang could never have been caught, he said.
He said the accused boys were being supported by an ethnic party [MQM] who were given shelter and support by sons of Sindh when they migrated to Pakistan.

11 Oct 2010:
Afraid for their daughters' honour majority of parents of more than 100,000 students have stopped them from attending schools, colleges and coaching centres in Umerkot, Mirpurkhas and Sanghar district following a shocking gang-rape incident in Khipro town.
Dr Mir Alam Mari, a leader of JSQM's Khipro chapter, said that eight families of the town had contacted him and informed that a gang of blackmailers comprising 17 boys and seven girls belonging to respectable families chased girls, found out their weaknesses, trapped them in their love and later subjected them to sexual assault and prepared their videos, which were used to blackmail the victim girls' parents or posted on the Internet. 

13 Oct 2010: 
ڈاکٹر امین نے بی بی سی سے بات کرتے ہوئے الزام عائد کیا ہے کہ پولیس ملزمان کو بچا رہی ہے۔ اس مقدمے میں اہم کردار ملزم کی بہنوں کا ہے جنہیں گرفتار نہیں کیا گیا۔

20 Oct 2010:
The post-traumatic fallout of the gang-rape victim continues to hark back forcing her to attempt suicide, besides ruining her health as she has become insomniac, restless and teary-eyed and suffers from constant headache and body ache.

Many families who have been subjected to similar blackmailing tactics by these youngsters – who have shot videos of their attacks on girls and have distributed them through their mobile phones – have not reported the incidents, for fear of public humiliation and disgrace. Shockingly, some fathers have even offered money to the culprits to prevent them from publicising the videos and bringing shame to the girl and her family. Reportedly, a Hindu businessman in Khipro was shown a damning video of his daughter on the day of her marriage, and he doled out a huge amount to the culprits to prevent them for creating any problem for the new bride. Subsequently, the family migrated to India.

9 Nov 2010:
The most shocking comments came from someone who claimed to be related to the Khipro rape incident, suggesting that the video was fake and that “some culprits want to start linguistic war in interior Sindh”, but what got my blood-boiling was this particular remark “I have heard about the Sialkot incident they (both brothers) were not innocent and now reading about Khipro gang rape (...)Furthermore, as per my information this girl is a big flirt, she use to be speak over phone all night with allot of other boys from Khipro, Sanghar & Mirpurkhas areas and it's also came in my knowledge her mother & her mother's sister use to be work as prostitute in Khipro but still media (most of Sindhi media) declared her "Sindh g niyani"(the daughter of Sindh) why?”

Jan 2011:
Months after an FIR was registered in Khipro, the communities involved remain on the brink of confrontation. The case has developed into a volatile ethnic issue, as Z’s family (Bhaiyo) is Sindhi and the accused men belong to the Qaimkhani community. Sindh-based nationalist parties supported the victim’s family and demanded for justice to be served, while the police confirmed that the accused were guilty.  ....
At the most recent hearing in December, the accused were not produced in court by the police and the next hearing has been set for January 26.
“The accused are not being produced by the police because they belong to an influential family,” Laghari told The Express Tribune.

28 Oct 2014:
 ویمن ایکشن فورم کی رہنماؤں حسینہ مسرت ، عرفانہ ملاح و دیگر نے پریس کلب میں پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ اکتوبر 2010ءمیں ضلع سانگھڑ کے شہر کھپرو میں اجتماعی زیادتی کا ایک واقعہ ہوا تھا ، اس واقعے کی متاثرہ لڑکی زینب کی ویڈیو بناکر یوٹیوب پر اپ لوڈ کردی گئی، جس کے بعد ویمن ایکشن فورم نے اپنے طورپر اس کیس کو اُٹھایا اور پولیس سے معلومات حاصل کیں تو پتا چلا کہ اس کیس میں ملوث گروہ میں کچھ بااثر شخصیات کے بیٹے بھی شامل ہیں، جن کا کاروبار اسکول کی طالبات کو اغواکرنا اور ان کے ساتھ اجتماعی زیادتی کرنے کے بعد ان کی ویڈیو بناکر فروخت کرناہے ، یہ گروہ کئی معصوم لڑکیوں کو اس طرح بلیک میل کرتا رہا ہے اور متاثرہ لڑکیوں کے والدین اپنی عزت کے ڈر سے خاموش ہوجاتے تھے ، تاہم ویمن ایکشن فورم کی کوششوں سے مختلف تنظیموں کے ر ہنماؤں واراکین اسمبلی نے زینب کے اہلخانہ سے ملاقاتیں کیں ، اس کیس کا افسوس ناک پہلو یہ ہے کہ دو سال قبل لوگوں کے طعنوں سے تنگ آکر زینب کے چچا نے خودکشی کرلی ۔



Naveeda Kalhoro (Oct 2010)

26 Oct 2010:
Lawyers from ruling party [PPP] and their henchmen gang raped a girl to revenge a love marriage
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that the Sindh police has stopped the investigation into the case of a gang rape of a 13-year old girl as a result of the case involving powerful people, among them two lawyers belonging to the ruling party. A doctor, who is also affiliated with the ruling party, stopped the completion of the medical report, which confirmed the rape. The journalists reporting on the case were threatened by the provincial ministers to stop reporting on the involvement of the lawyers. In retaliation, the perpetrators of the gang rape filed a case of abduction against the victim’s father. The district executive health officer (DEO-Health) has shown his inability to issue the provisional medical report, which was already prepared by the government hospital.

The victim continues to suffer from brutal nightmares and depression after the incident. She has threatened the local authorities that if she could not get justice she will commit suicide.


The minor girl, Miss Naveeda Kalhoro (13), is a resident of Bhiria road, Ratey mohalla, Bhiria taluka, district Naushahro Feroze, Sindh province. On October 26, 2010, she filed a First Information Report (FIR), a police document for legal process, accusing two lawyers from Peoples Lawyer Forum (PLF), a lawyer's body of the ruling party the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), for subjecting her to gang-rape in a sugarcane field. On October 28, she recorded her statement under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code before the civil judge and the judicial magistrate of district Naushahro Feroze. 

31 Oct 2010:
Zuhran and Ghulam Hussain Kalhoro, mother and father of girl Saturday told the media that they have lodged FIR at Bharia Road Police Station against the culprits namely Hashim Luhrani, Baig Bux alias Baigo Luhrani, Mustaque Luhrani, Zaman Luhrani and Nisar Luhrani and others.
But police dropped the names of other criminals, Abdul Salam Luhrani and Abdul Karim Luhrani [candidate of PPP-backed Awam Dost Panel who won seat of the Bhirya taluka naib nazim in Dec 2005] from the FIR due to backing of influential persons.

15 Nov 2010: 
Addressing a press conference at the press club, Ms Amar Sindhu of the WAF, Shakoor Abbasi of Citizens Action Committee and Ghaffar Malik of Sindh Development Society said that the girl was kidnapped from her house on October 26 by 12 men who criminally assaulted her.
She was recovered by police two days later.
Ms Sindhu said that the girl in her statement, recorded in a Naushahro Feroze court, had identified six of the accused. She alleged that the accused were influential people, therefore, doctors issued an incorrect medical certificate to spoil the case. She demanded proper investigation by an honest police officer.


29 Oct 2010:
A young man goes missing in custody after policemen raped him
In their statement both the accused police men confessed that they had stopped Imran during snap checking at Mafi Faqir bridge and took him to far away dark place where they raped him. In the early hours of May 21 and they had information on his whereabouts.

It is alleged by his mother that high police officers, including the district police officer (DPO), Mr. Rukhsar Khuhawar [appointed as DSP in 1990s by PPP], are trying to cover up the crime of the accused policemen. She argues that when she visited the police station to see her son the police never denied his presence.


DHA Rape case (Dec 2010)

21 Dec 2010:
information adviser Sharmila Farooqui arrived and after attempting to speak to K, met the media at about 7:30 pm. Against all internationally adopted procedures, the adviser not only named the rape survivor but went on to express scepticism and describe K as extremely “hyper” and “rude” as she did not want to speak to anyone. “She’ll beat you with a stick if you go meet her!” Farooqui exclaimed.
Amid a rash of questions, Farooqui discussed M’s statement that led to the FIR. M’s statement was automatically assumed to be K’s version of the events, that she went to a “party” and was raped after she emerged from it. “But this is her version,” said Farooqui. She went on to make the judgement that K’s statements had been “contradictory” because her friends had given different statements and locations.

29 Dec 2010:
The government minister, who was supposed to be protecting the victim added fuel to the fire of victim degradation by revealing the victim’s name and interpreting her trauma as “hyper” behaviour. However, I, don’t want to nominally exaggerate Mrs. Sharmila Faruqui’s incompetence in the matter (she simply has the unfortunate honour of being an easy target) because doing so distracts from the real issue at hand; the cruel double standards applied to female victims of crime by Pakistani society.

31 Jan 2011:
The Clifton police investigated the case extensively. A great deal of evidence was collected, from CCTV footage to details about the car used and photographs of the perpetrators. The names of the culprits have been revealed to K’s friend M, who filed the First Information Report (FIR).
Yet the police are waiting to charge and arrest those guilty of the crime.
“The culprits are from an influential family so the police cannot arrest them,” railed M, even as he praised the work of the investigation team. “The police have investigated this case properly and they have all the evidence. They have identified the car and the culprits. They have CCTV footage which shows a silver Corolla chasing the blue Alto the girls were in before they stopped them.”
As the case remains in limbo, the days tick by slowly for the victim, K.

8 March 2011:
A 16 year old girl was gang raped almost for one month -- perpetrators were released by the police
The SHO told him that many powerful persons and officers from interior ministry are putting pressure on him to release the accused persons. According to the Jagirani the SHO has also mentioned the name of Mr. Bashir Khan Quereshi, chief of Jeay Sindh Quomi Mahaz (JSQM), a nationalist group of Sindh, who was putting pressure on him to release the accused. The SHO urged victim’s father not to follow his case. In the meantime, another accused person, Abdul Hafeez Marfani, arrived and was treated with respect by the SHO who told him to sit in another room.
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a 16 year old girl was abducted along with her brother by the persons from the land mafia for ransom. During the ordeal the girl was gang raped for almost one month. After the intervention of a session court the police filed the First Information Report and arrested two accused persons but they were released within two hours after the accepted bribes from them. The interior minister [Zulfiqar Mirza] pledged before the Sindh provincial assembly that he would take up the case but no action from the ministry has been taken yet after passing two months.

26 April 2011:
One of them is the fake degree fame PPP MNA Jamshed Dasti from Muzaffargarh who not only praised the SC over the judgment but also criticised the NGOs and human rights activists for not accepting the verdict of the court and propagating against the people of Muzaffargarh. He also termed the Mai episode as a conspiracy to defame Pakistan and Islam and alleged that billions were made by projection of a fake drama. 
The PPP MNA swears by God that no such incident ever took place in Muzaffargarh. The brother of Mukhtar Mai, he said, had committed adultery with one of the girls of the Mastoi clan and in the jirga it was held that Mukhtaran Mai may be married to a person from Mastoi clan but this proposal was rejected by a few members. 


June 2011:
Reported in Jang equating Mukhtaran Mai to a US agent, the PPP MNA from Muzaffargarh Jamshed Dasti with a fake BA degree hailed the Supreme Court rejection of her plea of rape against the powerful Mastoi tribe and said that she was like Raymond Davis, implying that the gang-raped woman was on the payroll of the Americans.

21 June 2011:
Kohli has been nominated in the case on the bidding of Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon. “Feudal landlords Ghani Khoso and Bachal Khoso manipulated the Shoro tribe to name Veerji as a suspect,” he maintained.

21 June 2011:
A journalist has been implicated in a fabricated case of murder by persons from the ruling party. The journalist was assisting a rape victim (a 14-year-old girl) and her family in the enquiry and providing legal assistance. He was the person who reported the case and lodged the First Information Report (FIR) against the perpetrators. The perpetrators are now forcing the victim and her parents, including some neighbors to withdraw the case or otherwise vacate the village in which they live. In the latest event the henchmen of a former federal minister attacked the village injuring many women and children
A full year has passed but no proper enquiry has been initiated into the gang rape and it was later discovered that police officials were involved in covering up the case. With the involvement of the local tribal chief of the Jamali clan, Mr. Dattal Jamali and his brother Rafiq Jamali, the former federal minister and member of the national assembly from the ruling party, the [PPP] and the local police officials are pressuring the victim and her family members including the villagers of Bachal Goth (village) to withdraw the case.  

30 Jun 2011:
Land mafia accused of raping women in Mehran Town to force them to vacate house. The land mafia is allegedly backed by PPP, MQM, JSQM. [Mehran Town areas divided by PPP, ANP, MQM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWJ0E7TWf-U&feature=youtu.be&t=24m30s]


4 August 2011:
Justice Nawaz Abbasi of the Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit – Baltistan has taken suo-moto notice of the alleged gang-rape of a girl in Skardu, Baltistan. Four culprits, including the main accused , have been arrested by the police. The victim has also been taken into protective custody.
According to details a government employee, identified as Macha Hassan, deceived a poor girl from a far-flung village, named Lashithang, and took her to Skardu, where she was handed over to some “influential” people, who allegedly gang-raped the poor girl for more than five days. When her condition deteriorated she was handed over to her brother who had also come to Skardu along with her wife. Apparently, the entire family of the girl had been deceived by the main accused.
25 August 2011:
Office of a newspaper, “Daily K2”, has been attacked by a gang of around 15 people in Skardu, the headquarter of Baltistan division. The attackers broke into the office and tied the security guard to chair, before smashing the furniture and fixtures.
A source at Karakuram Publishing Network (KPN) , told Pamir Times that the police did not show up despite of being in vicinity of the office. He blamed Chief Minister Mehdi Shah for the attack, saying the attackers were his men.
It is pertinent to note that earlier an employee of of K2 had been detained by the police.
The police had also raided office of KPN and taken several files and records with them.
The tussle has started after Daily K2 reported an incident of gang rape in Rondu, which the alleged ‘victim’ later denied at the Supreme Appellate Court.

5 Oct 2011:
Seventeen-year-old R’s family was held at gunpoint while she was kidnapped from her house in Sher Mohammad Mahar village and gang raped.
The Khenjoo police said that, on Monday night, a group of armed men broke into D’s house, overpowered the family and fled with his daughter, R. The men allegedly gang raped the girl, left her outside her house later that night, unconscious.
D registered a case against seven people, including Yasin Pitafi, Khan Mohammad Pitafi, Allah Diwayo Pitafi, Din Mohammad Pitafi, Safdar Pitafi, but arrests have yet to be made. He told the police that Yasin Pitafi tried to have an affair with his daughter. When she refused, the offended Yasin attacked her. D claims that Yasin and his men have influence in the area [party?]

14 Jan 2012:
The Christian community in Essa Nagri, Ayub Goth and Bhittaiabad has been silently enduring extortion, rape and torture at the hands of workers of various political and ethnic parties for months now.
Michael Javed, former minister of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) who recently joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), says that within the past month alone, “15 cases of rape were reported to him through various local heads of the areas.” 
Speaking about the plight of the people in Essa Nagri, Javed says that most of the families living there silently go through the ordeal, “as people do not report or register an FIR fearing an attack from these people.” 
He says some workers of a party have established torture cells in Essa Nagri and are notorious for picking up young boys and sexually abusing them. “They ask for ransom of Rs100,000 and whenever anyone defaults on the payment, the boys are tortured beyond recognition,” he informs dismally. As a result, within the last six months, many families have migrated from Karachi towards Punjab, he adds.
In another instance, a brothel has been opened near a catholic church in Ayub Goth. Applications written to the authorities about the issue have not yet yielded any response, says Javed. “I want to appeal to the leaders of political parties to take notice of the issue and ask their party workers to stop harassing our community.”  

In 2012, a Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari was forcefully converted and when she was presented in court, the judge reverted her custody back to her abductor, despite her protest and willingness to join her parents. The judicial magistrate told her that in Islam the home of a newly married girl was the home of her husband and she was not allowed to go to her parents. She was also repeatedly slapped in the court by a member of the National Assembly for denying being converted to Islam. 
Many journalists fear for their lives for reporting on the rape of Hindu girls. In 2012, journalists Arbab Bheel of Dharti TV and Mushtaq Qamber of Daily Sindh Express were threatened when they reported on the rape of a six-year-old girl. The accused, Mr. Muhammad Mangrio, is the relative of the Town Nazim, chairperson of town committee. The Superintendent of Police had also refused to help the journalists and sided with the perpetrators as they belonged to the ruling political party at that time.

7 March 2012:  Rape, forced conversion and marriage of Rinkle Kumari, supported by PPP MNA Mian Mitho

31 March 2012:
Complainant of a 14-year-old girl's gang-rape case is murdered in order to force the relatives withdrawing the complaint

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information on the gang rape of a 14 year old girl (For further details, please see the original appeal: AHRC-UAC-064-2010). The victim's uncle, who was the complainant in the case, was gunned down by the accused persons who were accused by names in the rape case. There were two previous attacks before the cold-blooded murder and the police have refused to take action against the killers. The accused persons of the gang rape also attacked three members of the family of the deceased with firearms, causing them injuries. It is alleged that a member of parliament from the ruling party is forcing the police not to take action against the perpetrators.
After two years of the gang rape the police have arrested only one person and other persons received bail from the courts because of the weak case from the prosecution. The perpetrators, with the patronage of the police and tribal leader, Dattal Jamali and Rafiq Jamali, a member of the National Assembly from the ruling party, the Pakistan People's Party and former chief of the town, Zakir Khan Jamali, were using all possible pressure on the family of the victim and villagers. 

2 April 2012: [Samreen Sana Soomro]A student of Sindh University Jamsharo aducted and gangraped in Digri, Sindh. A local MPA [Mir Hayat Talpur] of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP Sindh is protecting the people involved and is threatening the family of the victim girl. 

2 April 2012:

مسلم لیگ ن کی رہنماء ماروی میمن اغواء کے بعد مبینہ طور پر زیادتی کا نشانہ بننے والی لڑکی ثمرین سومرو سے اظہار ہمدردی کیلئے ماتلی پہنچ گئیں اور مکمل قانونی مدد فراہم کرنے کی یقین دھانی کرائی۔
ماروی میمن نے ثمرین سومرو کو ہر ممکن مدد فراہم کرنے کی یقین دھانی کراتے ہوئے کہا کہ وہ اس کیس کو اقتدار کے اعلیایوانوں تک لے جائیں گی۔ واقعے میں مبینہ طور پر ملوث میرحیات کیخلاف کارروائی کیلئے عدالت کا سہارہ لیا جائے گا۔
اس موقع پر ن لیگ کے سربراہ میاں نواز شریف نے بھی متاثرہ لڑکی سے فون پر بات کی اور مدد کی یقین دھانی کرائی۔ ثمرین کواس وقت اغوا کیا گیا تھا جب وہ ڈگڑی میں اپنے گھر سے سندھ یونیورسٹی جامشورو جا رہی تھیں۔ بازیابی کے بعد وہ ماتلی میں رہائش پذیر ہیں۔

2 June 2012: Three PTI workers gang rape a girl in Khanewal in party office

9 August 2012:
The Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee has strongly condemned the kidnapping and gang rape of a young girl Raheela Sheikh in Daharki. The victim was criminally assaulted for three consecutive days.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, the committee said the victim was being pressurised and threatened by the area SHO to retract the rape allegations. 

6 Sep 2012:

Fed up with the injustice, a Hindu rape survivor has warned she will commit suicide by setting herself on fire outside the Supreme Court building.
The married woman was allegedly gang-raped by influential men of the Allah Rakhio Mahar village. The family went to the police, who refused to register the case against the suspects.
When they filed a complaint in a Khaipur court, the Bheels were beaten and forced to flee their homes.
2 Dec 2012:
A Hindu girl, Wijenti Meghwar, 6 years of age and a student of class-1 was raped in Ghulam Nabi Shah town of Sindh province in Pakistan on December 2, 2012 while playing in street.
The police is now avoiding the arrest of the alleged culprit who is by caste a Mangrio who has been named in the case as he is said to be son of a politically influential landlord of the area.
It was appalling that the concerned police did not register the case for three days and instead of arresting the culprit arrested a man whom father of the girl clearly described as innocent of the crime. 

In another development, a brother the landlord accused in the rape case injured the journalist Mushtaq Kumbar in a murderous attack on him in Ghulam Nabi Shah town. The journalist was reporting the follow up of the rape case. He also threatened another journalist Arbab Bheel with murder if he continued to report the facts of case. The police and administration have not taken notice of the attack on the journalists and the threats of death as the police themselves are frightened of the sons and the landlord. The system in Pakistan is such that it allows kidnapping, rape and the killing of girls. The accused roam here freely while the victim is left to die because of inefficient police officers who are recruited on a political basis. 

The chief minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah was in Mirpurkhas city when Vijenti was still lying in her bed in the civil hospital in this city but he did not bother to visit her. This is the climax of discrimination against minority girls as in contrast to this Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari visited the hospital in UK where another Pakistan girl, Malala was under treatment. ...The Communist Party of Pakistan secretary, Imdad Kazi has condemned the incident of rape and observed that minorities in Pakistan are treated worse than animals. The relatives of rape victim who were staying at Karachi to look after treatment of their daughter have said they received death threats to withdraw from the case or they all will be killed and in view of these threats they will not go back to their town Ghulam Nabi Shah until the real culprit nominated by them in the case is arrested. 

Dec 2012:
کیا وجینتی کے کیس میں بلاول اس وجہ سے پرجوش نظر آئے کہ ملزم کا تعلق پیر پاگارا کی پارٹی فنکشنل لیگ سے تھا۔ ایم کیو ایم کی ناراضگی بھی پارٹی سے وابستہ مشیر کے بیان جاری کرنے کی حد تک ہی رہی۔
گزشتہ ہفتے تھرپارکر میں مبارک رند گاؤں میں چودہ سالہ بھیل خاندان کی ایک لڑکی نتھو بائی کو دو افراد نے جنسی زیادتی کا نشانہ بنایا۔ اس واقعے میں پیپلز پارٹی تحصیل چھاچھرو کے جنرل سیکریٹری کے ایک قریبی رشتہ دار ملوث بتائے جاتے ہیں۔
پیپلز پارٹی کے مقامی عہدیداران ملزمان کو بچانے کی کوشش کر رہے ہیں۔ لگتا نتھوبائی کا معاملہ بھی انہی وجوہات سے دب جائے گا جن کا ذکر ہم اوپر کر چکے ہیں۔
رواں سال کے شروع میں تین ہندو لڑکیوں رینکل کماری، ڈاکٹر لتا اور آشا کے اغوا اور ان کو مسلمان کرکے شادی کرنے کا معاملہ میڈیا میں زور شور سے اٹھا۔ بڑے پیمانے پر احتجاج ہوئے اور سپریم کورٹ نے بھی معاملے کا نوٹس لیا۔
واقعہ کا الزام پیپلز پارٹی سے تعلق رکھنے والے ایم این اے اور پیر آف بھرچونڈی شریف عبدالحق میاں مٹھو پرلگایا گیا کہ وہ نوجوان ہندو لڑکیوں کو زبردستی مسلمان کرنے اور ان کی مسلمان نوجوانوں سے شادی کرانے میں ملوث ہیں۔
میڈیا اورسول سوسائٹی کی زبردست تنقید کے بعدحکمران جماعت پیپلز پارٹی پردباؤ بڑھ گیا ۔ اورمطالبہ کیا جانے لگا کہ پارٹی اقلیتوں کے حوالے سے اپنی پالیسی واضح کرے۔ انسانی حقوق کی تنظیموں نے احتجاجی مظاہرے کیے اور پیپلز پارٹی سے مطالبہ کیا کہ میاں عبدالحق مٹھو سے قومی اسمبلی کی سیٹ خالی کرائی جائے۔
پیپلز پارٹی کچھ عرصے تک میاں مٹھو کا دفاع کرتی رہی لیکن جب پانی سر سے چڑھ گیا تو اس عمل کو میاں مٹھو کا ذاتی فعل قرار دے دیا گیا۔ پارٹی کو اتنی جرأت نہ ہوسکی کہ وہ میاں مٹھو کے خلاف کارروائی کرے یا ان کی پارٹی یا اسمبلی کی رکنیت ختم کرے۔
سکیولر ازم اور جمہوری ہونے کی دعویدار ملک کی بڑی پارٹی اپنے ایم این ای کے خلاف کوئی کارروائی نہ کرسکی۔اب کہا جارہا ہے کہ پارٹی آئندہ انتخابات میں میاں مٹھو کو پارٹی ٹکٹ نہیں دی جائے گی۔

23 Dec 2012: A 14-year-old Hindu girl, N, was raped allegedly by a local leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) early Friday morning near Chachro, Umerkot.  .....

The accused names are Aziz, Majeed & Maroof. The case is high profile, as mentioned earlier, because one of the accused involved is the local leader of PPP while the other accused belongs to powerful and influential "Rind" clan in Sindh.
After her rape & lack of any proper forensic examinations, there was an attempt to kidnap her too. The survivor is a Bheel -- not just Hindu, but a scheduled caste Hindu. The rape of children from scheduled castes is very common in Sindh.
Sindh Police are not helping the rape survivor in the Umerkot case as the SSP [senior superintendent of police] of the district is the brother of Ayaz Soomro, who is a member of PPP, and also a law minister.

Dec 2012: Journalists are threatened for reporting the rape case of a six years old Hindu girl....
The Superintendent of Police of the area, Mr. Riaz Soomro, the brother of the provincial law minister, Mr. Ayaz Soomro, has refused to help the journalists and is providing protection to the perpetrator and his henchmen as they are the political workers of PML-F, who has very close links with the military and its head is a spiritual leader, Pir Saheb Pagaro, who is the most powerful personality of the province and has armed groups.

23 Jan 2013:
میرپور(اُردو پوائنٹ اخبار تازہ ترین۔ آئی این پی۔ 23جنوری 2013ء)اوباشوں نے آئی کام کے طالبعلم عبدل ودود حمید پر قاتلانہ حملہ کر کے شدید زخمی کر دیا، پولیس تھانہ سٹی میں رپورٹ درج کرا دی گئی۔ تفصیلات کے مطابق غوثیہ ٹاؤن جنیال خالق آباد کے مقام پر چند اوباش قسم کے نوجوانوں جن میں غفار نامی اوباش نوجواں نے اپنے دیگر ساتھیوں کے ہمراہ آئی کام کے طالبعلم عبدل ودود حمید کا راستہ روک کر اس کے ساتھ بد فعلی کرنے کیلئے کہا انکاری پر اسے زرد کوب گالی گلوچ کرنے کے بعدمکہ دے مارا جس سے وہ شدید زخمی ہو گیا اوباشوں نے قاتلانہ حملہ کر کے پر شدید ضربات پہنچائیں اور آنکھ پر بھی شدید زخم کرنے سے ان کو شدیدزخمی ہو گئے ...
ان خیالات کا اظہار پیر عبدالحمید خلیفہ موہڑہ شریف نے صحافیوں سے بات چیت کرتے ہوئے کیا۔ انہوں نے وزیراعظم سے اپیل کی جو کہ ملزمان بااثرہیں شب و روز وہ مزید قاتلانہ حملے کر سکتے ہیں۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ ملزمان کا کہنا ہے کہ  ڈپٹی سپیکرآزاد کشمیر اسمبلی شاہین کوثر
 کا نام استعمال کرتے ہیں اور ایک نورانی گجر جو راقم آپ کو ڈپٹی سپیکر کا RROظاہر کرتا ہے کہ اگر تم نے صلح نہ کی تو اس کے سنگین قسم کے نتائج برآمد ہو سکتے ہیں

4 April 2013: PPP ministers of AJK gang raped an MBA student in PC Muzaffarabad. Girl's parents poison her to save their 'honor'

It has been learnt from highly reliable source that 10 days ago, a girl from Rawalakot, supposedly an M.A from AJK university, was asked to come for a job interview at PC Hotel Muzaffarabad for a vacancy at Bank of AJK but she was raped by the durnkard PPP Ministers of AJK all the night and then in morning they let her go in a half-dead condition. Sardar Faisal Yaqoob ( Son of AJK's president) is said to have invited that girl to hotel with the assurity of a job while the rooms were booked on the name of Rizwan Qureshi ( Secretary appointed by Faryal Talpur). Ministers threatened to kill her if she would tell anyone anything about that incident. Ministers who were involved in this case are Faisal Mumtaz Rathor ( Son of Ex PM Raja Mumtaz Rathor), Bazil Naqvi, Islam Butt ( Ministers for religious affairs) and Abdul Majid Khan.
Girl, who belonged to Thorar, Rawalakot somehow managed to reach her home where she narrated that incident to her parents. Her parents, to avoid further shame, poisoned her to death in dark. When local people and media approached them, they totally denied that news and termed it fake. They even told that their daughther is alive and doing well.

8 April 2013:
the man is none other than advisor to chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imaran Khan on minority affair Sajid Ishaq whom his business partner accused of allegedly raping his wife.

11 June 2013:
An eight-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by two men in Olding area of Skardu district, police said.
SP Skardu Ejaz Haider told Dawn on phone on Tuesday that the incident occurred five days ago. He said police had arrested one accused and search was on for nabbing the other.
He said a case was registered against the rapists under sections 376, 511, 342 and 34 of the CrPC.
Mr Haider said the arrested man was produced before the judicial magistrate where he confessed to the crime. He was later sent to jail on judicial remand. Mr Haider said police were awaiting medical reports as a team of doctors was examining the girl. The official said influential people were backing the criminals who had also pressurised the poor family of the victim to sign a statement pardoning them. However, he said the girl’s parents gave the written statement to him.

13 July 2013:
Shahbaz Sharif suspends Multan police officials for not taking action against influential landlord's sons who raped a girl

28 July 2013:
District and Sessions Judge Abdur Rauf Khan has ordered a judicial inquiry of a harassment case filed against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) provincial Finance Secretary Ishfaq Paracha on Saturday for allegedly sexually harassing a girl in his office on June 29.

16 Aug 2013:
 Serial rapist and stalker assisted by Sindh government; a Christian nurse living in fear as influential person tries to force her to marry and convert to Islam
The Catholic community in Sanghar district is in fear and expecting an attack from Muslim mob as the provincial government and police are providing full protection to the perpetrator. The man has already kidnapped and raped several Hindu girls from nearby villages but, because of his influence on local police and magistrates, he has never been caught.
Ms. Nazia Masih, 27, a Catholic Christian by faith and a nurse by profession, is hiding from an influential landlord and the police from the Sanghar district. The landlord and perpetrator, Ghulam Mohammad Korai (alias Ghulam Mohammad Bhatti), claims himself to be the assistant to Sharjeel Memon, Provincial Minister for Information, and uses district administration and the police for his own, sometimes criminal purposes. He felt insulted when the nurse refused to marry him and convert to Islam.
He was an assistant to the Minister for four years but last year he was removed from the post. He still introduces himself as an assistant to the Minister and even the provincial administration and police treat him as a high government officer.

13 Sep 2013:
The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information regarding the gang rape of minority woman in district Tharparker, Sindh. The lady was raped by five people in front of her husband and three children. The police has registered the case against the accused that are supported by the Mr. Mahesh Kumar Malani Member of provisional Assembly (MPA) of a political party, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in Tharparker.  

15 Sep 2013:
Families of two rape victims in Sanghar and Umerkot districts protested on Sunday against police apathy and said that they were being coerced and threatened by the accused and police officials to drop the cases.
In Sanghar district, family of a young girl who was allegedly raped a few days ago slammed the Kotri police on Sunday for not arresting the assailant and his accomplices.
Speaking to journalists outside the press club, the family said that 14-year-old Salma Khaskheli, a student of class six and resident of Chak 41, had been allegedly raped by Ali Bux Khaskheli in Kotri a few days ago.
They said that Khaskheli had brought Salma and her mother, Pathani, to Hyderabad from Kotri where they had been staying on the pretext of collecting a cash grant worth Rs25,000 under the Benazir Income Support Programme on August 29.
14 Oct 2013:
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the gang rape of two young women in police custody over a period of three days by the in-charge of the police station and two head constables. This was supposedly to solve a four-year old case of abduction for ransom. A member of the Sindh provincial assembly, also a member from the ruling party [PPP], is trying to get the rapists released as they helped him to win the elections. 
 One member of the Sindh provincial assembly, Jam Mehtab Dahar, has come out in support of the perpetrators and is using the government machinery to provide help to the SHO. It is said that the SHO assisted him in the general elections to get the seat of the MPA by stamping the ballot papers after the voting was stopped. 

24 Oct 2013: Police giving full protocol to the culprit under arrest. Media team who reached jail were threatened for bad consequences. In 'Jurm Kahani' episode

10 Nov 2013: Christians moving out of Lyari due to extortions, rape of young girls by Lyari gangs, some of them backed by PPP

13 Nov 2013:
سانگھڑ کے محلہ شمیر کالونی سے ایک ماہ قبل اغوا کی جانے والی شبنم ایک ماہ بعداغوا کاروں کے چنگل سے فرار ہوکر گھر پہنچ گئی، شبنم نے میڈیا کو بتایا کہ4مسلح افراد اس کو گھر سے اسلحے کے زور پر اغوا کرکے لے گئے اور نیاآباد تھانے کی حدود میں پیپلز پارٹی کے بااثر وڈیرے کی اوطاق میں قید کردیا ، جہاں میرے ساتھ روزانہ اجتماعی زیادتی کی جاتی تھی۔
شبنم کی والدہ اور دیگر خواتین کا کہنا تھا کہ پولیس ملزمان کو گرفتار کرنے کی بجائے بااثر وڈیروں کے کہنے پر ہمارے ہی گھروں پر چڑھائی کرکے چاردیواری کے تقدس کو پامال کر رہی ہے اور ہمارے ہی لوگوں کو گرفتار کیاجارہاہے،  

23 Dec 2013:
پولیس کے مطابق گرفتار ملزمان کا تعلق کالعدم پیپلز امن کمیٹی عذیر بلوچ گروپ کے کمانڈر وصیع اﷲ لاکھو گروپ سے ہے ، گرفتار ملزمان نے کھارادر کے مختلف علاقوں میں بھتے کی وصولی کے لیے متعدد بار فائرنگ اور دستی بم حملے بھی کیے ہیں ، گرفتار ملزمان ٹارگٹ کلنگ ، قتل ، اقدام قتل ، بھتہ خوری اور پولیس مقابلوں سمیت دیگر سنگین مقدمات میں ملوث ہیں ، گرفتار ملزم فرحان انڈین نے اپنے دیگر ساتھیوں کے ساتھ ملکر نیا آباد ، دریا آباد اور کھڈہ مارکیٹ سمیت دیگر علاقوں میں زبردستی گھروں میں گھس کر50سے زائد لڑکیوں کو اجتماعی زیادتی کا نشانہ بنانے کا انکشاف کیا ہے، گرفتار ملزمان کے خلاف مقدمات درج کر کے تفتیش شروع کر دی گئی ہے۔

31 Dec 2013:
Police have arrested two alleged gangsters of a Lyari-based gang for murdering a couple and their two children after raping the woman and her daughter on December 29.
On Monday, the West Zone police claimed to have arrested two suspects associated with the Rashid alias Chief gang of Lyari for killing the couple and their two children before subjecting the woman and her newly married daughter to sexual assault.
DIG West Javed Alam Odho announced the arrests of the two men named Adil Baloch and Yasin Baloch, alleging the two “gangsters” along with three more accomplices had sexually assaulted Shazia and her daughter and killed the three men. “The Rashid alias Chief gang is affiliated with the Uzair Baloch group and they attacked the family for the man’s association with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement,” Odho said.

3 Jan 2014:
Non-Muslim residents of Lyari afraid of returning home
“Slaughter House has been occupied by Christians and Hindus since 1916. I was born there as was my late husband and our parents,” she said. “We have seen good times here, too, but besides what happened the prettier of our girls are also being forced to marry Muslims against their will. If they don’t agree they face rape and even murder. I am grateful to God that He has given me sons, not daughters, as it is no longer safe to bring up girls here,” she said.

9 Jan 2014: Ghulam Qadir Palejo, PPP leader, accused of rape

17 Jan 2014:
لکچوئل فورم کی جانب سے احتجاجی مظاہرہ کیا گیا ، اس موقع پر خطاب کرتے ہوئے فورم کے ضلعی صدر ڈاکٹر لال چند بھیل، گھمن داس بھیل، پریم ساگر اور گیان چند بھیل نے کہا کہ بگٹی قبیلے سے تعلق رکھنے والے باا ثر افراد نے بھیل برادری کی خواتین ویراں، انیتا اور مصراں سےجنسی زیادتی کی، پولیس ملزمان کو گرفتار نہیں کر رہی جس کی وجہ سے متاثرہ خاندان عدم تحفظ کا شکار ہیں،

20 Jan 2014:
it is Saira Solangi. On January 20, while she headed back home from a wedding ceremony, the 12-year-old girl, the daughter of a poor peasant who lives in farmer’s colony in Gambat town, in Khairpur district, was kidnapped and gang-raped. For a peasant’s family, the world is already a very hard place to live in. This heart-wrenching incident has not only reduced the life of the little angel to an extremely sorry condition, she would now be leading a life which will be much different from that of other children. Moreover, the incident has probably also harmed the entire family socially.
Adding insult to injury, after four days passed, the local police have not even apprehended the barbaric criminals. According to some locally received reports, there is a cover being provided to the culprits by influential people and a police officer.

26 March 2014:
Sexual Harassment Case PTI Leader Ahsan ul haq (Arsal Khan) Arrest!

In May 2014, a first-year female student had died of self immolation in front of Mer Hazar police station [Azad Kashmir] while protesting the failure of the police to provide her justice. Then, besides the chief minister, the inspector general of police had also visited the area. All those police officials arrested under terror laws, were later acquitted of charges and now they are serving in police stations.

2 May 2014:
جمشید دستی کے بڑے بھائی مشتاق دستی کے بیٹے ناصر دستی نے موضع چک مٹھن بستی کمہاراں میں ایف ایس سی کی طالبہ 20 سالہ (ش) بی بی کو زیادتی کا نشانہ بنایا۔ واقعہ کی اطلاع ملتے ہی اہل علاقہ جمع ہو گئے اور ناصر دستی کی شدید دھنائی کی اور قابل اعتراض حالت میں پکڑ کر اس کے سر کے بال‘ بھنویں اور مونچھیں مونڈ دیں اور کمرے میں بند کر دیا۔ واقعہ کی اطلاع پولیس تھانہ سول لائن کو دی گئی پولیس کی بھاری نفری نے لڑکے کو کمرے سے نکال کر حراست میں لے لیا۔ ملزم کا تعلق بااثر سیاسی شخصیت سے ہونے اور سخت سیاسی دبائو کے باعث لڑکی کے غریب والدین نے کارروائی کرنے سے انکار کر دیا ہے۔

12 May 2014:

 سالہ بچی سے زیادتی کی کوشش، کراچی پولیس نے ماں کیخلاف ہی مقدمہ درج کر ڈالا

 ایس ایچ او تھانہ شاہراہ فیصل اسلم پرویز کا کہنا ہے کہ بچی کے ساتھ جنسی زیادتی کرنے کی کوشش کا کوئی واقعہ پیش نہیں آیا اور نہ ہی انہیں اس قسم کی کوئی اطلاع ملی ہے، بچی کی ماں کی جانب سے جن پر الزام لگایا جارہا ہے وہ ایک معزز خاتون ہے اور اس کا بیٹا ایسی حرکت نہیں کرسکتا۔



Rasoolabad, Khairpur rape (May 2014)

May 2014:  7 men stole and gang raped 4 women in Rasoolabad, Khairpur.

13 July 2014: Naseer Saheto, PA to PPP MPA Nafisa Shah, accused of protecting one of the culprits

14 Jul 2014:
رسول آباد میں خواتین کے ساتھ زیادتی کے واقعے اور ملزمان کی عدم گرفتاری کے خلاف آل سندھ میمن جماعت کی اپیل پر ہنگورجہ، رسول آباد اور بھان سعید آباد میں احتجاجی مظاہرے کیے گئے ،

21 July 2014:
 اس طرح کے دل سوز واقعات میں ملوث ملزمان کیخلاف کارروائی نہ کرنے کی وجہ سے ان کے حوصلے بلند ہوگئے ہیں جس کی وجہ سے اس طرح کے واقعات میں مسلسل اضافہ ہورہا ہے ، انہوں نے کہاکہ افسوسناک بات یہ ہے کہ مذکورہ واقعہ وزیراعلیٰ سندھ قائم علی شاہ کے ضلع میں رونما ہوا مگر انہوں نے اب تک اس کا کوئی نوٹس نہیں لیا ۔ جبکہ پولیس بھی ملزمان کی سرپرستی کررہی ہے اور انہیں اب تک نہ ہی گرفتار کیا گیا او رنہ ہی مقدمہ درج کیا گیا ہے۔

22 July 2014:
Presented with the footage of the incident, Paryal decided to lodge another FIR against seven men, including Saleem Sahito, Rafiq Sahito, Aijaz Machi and Laloo Samito.The second FIR was lodged more than a month ago and the police have yet to arrest the men nominated in it.

23 Jul 2014:
 سندھیانی تحریک کی مرکزی صدر حسنہ راہوجو، حمیرا سموں، رضیہ سولنگی، زاہدہ تالپور اور دیگر نے خطاب کرتے ہوئے کہاکہ حکومت سندھ خواتین کو تحفظ فراہم کرنے کےلئے کوئی کردار ادا نہیں کررہی ، رسول آبا دمیں چار خواتین کو زیادتی کا نشانہ بنائے جانے کا واقعہ حکومت کی ناکامی کا منہ بولتا ثبوت ہے، دو ماہ گزر جانے کے باوجود آج تک ملزمان کو گرفتار نہیں کیا جاسکا

28 July 2014:
SUKKUR: Four girls who became victims of gang rape refused to receive compensation amount of Rs500,000 from deputy commissioner Khairpur on Sunday. Sources said that Deputy Commissioner Khairpur Munawar Mitiani met victims of gang rape Shazia, Sapna, Kainat and Asia and convinced them to receive compensation of Rs 500,000. The DC told them that he approached them following the directives of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim
Ali Shah. Sources said that the victim girls refused to take compensation and made it clear upon him that they only need justice and arrest of the rapists. The girls blamed that the Khairpur Police was still reluctant to arrest the rapists even after the passage of two months. They said that if they don not get justice, they would observe hunger strike before the Parliament House in Islamabad.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had taken a notice of the incident and in this regard Marvi Memon had met the victim girls. The Sindh High Court Circuit bench Sukkur had also ordered the SSP Khairpur on July 21 to ensure the arrest of the culprits but to no avail.

5 Sep 2014:
ایس ایس پی خیرپور عثمان غنی صدیقی نے رابطہ کرنے پر بتایا کہ پانچ ملزمان گرفتار کئے جا چکے ہیں جبکہ باقی دو ملزمان کو بھی جلد گرفتار کر لیا جائے گا۔


10 May 2014:
Two men accused of raping a woman in Shakardara were handed over to the police on a one-day remand on Friday. Safdar Qureshi, brother of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Deputy Speaker Imtiaz Shahid Qureshi, and his accomplice Asmat Qureshi were produced in a local court after a rape case was registered against them on Wednesday.

3 June 2014: Threats to the lives of a minor who was gang raped and her father; a police officer suspended and transferred for taking action against the rapists
 There were more than 200 people there,but police officials at the A Section police stations have been more concerned about the perpetrators as they belong to a nationalist cum political party, the Sindh Taraqipasand Party (STP).
According to information received by the AHRC, the police are working allegedly on the instructions of one Altaf Jaskani, the vice president of STP as his younger brother, Mr. Asad Jaskani, was also involved in the gang rape. Asad Jaskani runs notorious groups, extorting money from businessmen and police. The FIR for gang rape mentions the name of Azher Jatoi, Shakeel Khoso, Asad Jaskani, Abdullah Nayo and GullanJogi alias Gulla Jogi. 

8 Jun 2014:
 کینگو کولہی نے بتایا کہ جب وہ اپنی بیوی کی بیماری کی وجہ سے اسپتال میں تھا تو علاقے کے بااثر افراد حسین لغاری اور جگسی کولہی نے اس کی 14 سالہ بیٹی شریمتی تاری سے زبردستی کئی روز تک زیادتی کی، اس نے بتایا کہ جب وہ گھر پہنچا تو اس کی بیٹی نے صورتحال سے انہیں آگاہ کیا جس پرمتعلقہ تھانے میں رپورٹ درج کرائی گئی لیکن پولیس ملزمان کے خلاف کوئی کارروائی نہیں کررہی اورہمیں مسلسل تھانے کے چکر لگوائے جارہے ہیں،اس نے بتایا کہ اب اس کی بیٹی سات ماہ کی حاملہ ہوچکی ہے مگر اسے انصاف نہیں مل رہا ،

24 Jun 2014:
 علاقے کے بااثر افرادجن کا تعلق مہر برادری سے ہے،نے تین روز قبل اپنے مسلح ساتھیوں کے ہمراہ میرے گھر پر دھاوا بول دیا اور میری بہن مسماۃ اشرف اور میری بیوی سونی کو اسلحے کے زور پر اغوا کر کے لے گئے ،بعد ازاں موقع پا کر میری بہن اشرف وہاں سے بھاگ کرگھر پہنچی اور اس نے بتایا کہ ملزمان امین مہر ، سلمان مہر و دیگر نے انہیں قید کر رکھا تھا اور انہیں زیادتی کا نشانہ بنایا گیا ہے، جب اس واقعے کی اطلاع پولیس کو دی تو پولیس نے ملزمان کے خلاف کارروائی کرنے کی بجائے ہمیں دھکے دیکر تھانے سے باہر نکال دیا،

1 July 2014:
The petitioner, Shahdad Khan Chandio, who is a resident of Ghora Bari, an area of Thatta district, submitted in petition that her 11-year-old daughter was kidnapped and subjected to serious sexual assault on June 16. He said that Ghora Bari police station did not register a rape case against the accused at first for being influential but later they lodged an FIR against three following the court orders.
The petitioner stated that her daughter was brought to Civil Hospital Thatta on June 23 for medical examination by police, where rape victim was examined and woman medical officer issued a report ruling out his claims regarding sexual assault. He claimed the accused were very influential persons and medical officer, who medically examined rape victim, succumbed to their influence and issued such report. The petitioner further submitted that neither police took action against the accused nor they have recorded the statement of victim under section 164 CrPC. He told the apex court that he was being issued threats of serious consequences by the accused if he did not withdraw the rape case against them.

21 July 2014:
Punjab seems to be the rape capital of Pakistsn @thetimes: Woman raped,hanged frm a tree in Pakistan,echoing UP case http://thetim.es/T00SFa ” [Shamila Faruqui using rape for political mudslinging]

11 Aug 2014:

جھڈو میں نوجوان لڑکی سے جنسی زیادتی ، پولیس نے بااثر افراد کے خلاف کاروائی کرنے سے ہی انکار کردیا

جھڈو (اُردو پوائنٹ اخبار تازہ ترین۔11اگست۔2014ء)جھڈو میں نوجوان لڑکی سے جنسی زیادتی ، پولیس نے بااثر افراد کے خلاف کاروائی کرنے سے ہی انکار کردیا ۔جھڈو کی رہائشی مسمات رشیدہ مگراڈ نے جھڈو پریس کلب پر صحافیوں کو بتایا کہ میں اپنے گھر پر سوئی تھی کہ عطا لغاری ، ندیم ، عمران اور علو نامی شخص میرے گھر میں زبردستی داخل ہوگئے اور مجھ سے جنسی زیادتی کی ، رشیدہ نے کہا کہ میں روتی رہی مگر انہوں نے میرے کپڑے پھاڑ دئے اور مجھ پر تشدد کرتے ہوئے فرار ہوگئے میں اپنے اوپر ہونے والی ظلم کی فریاد لیکر انصاف کی خاطر جھڈو پولیس اسٹیشن پہنچی تو جھڈو پولیس نے میری فریاد سننے سے انکار کردیا اور بااثر ملزمان کی پشت پناہی کرنے لگی ، رشیدہ مگراڈ نے اپنے والدہ آمنہ خاتون کے ہمراہ جھڈو پریس کلب پر بااثر ملزمان کے خلاف پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے ڈی آئی جی ، ایس پی میر پور خاص سے مطالبہ کیا کہ مجھے تحفظ فراہم کیا جائے اور زیادتی کرنے والوں کے خلاف سخت کاروائی کی جائے ۔

22 Aug 2014:
حیدر آباد: 
سندھ ہائی کورٹ حیدرآباد سرکٹ بنچ نے قاضی احمد کی رہائشی باگڑی برادری کی 3 خواتین پیاری، کشنی اور نگینہ کو اجتماعی زیادتی کا نشانہ بنانے والوں کے خلاف مقدمہ درج نہ کرنے پر ایس ایس شہید بے نظیر آباد، ڈی ایس پی دولتپور، ایس ایچ او قاضی احمد کو نوٹس جاری کرتے ہوئے 15 ستمبر کو جواب داخل کرنے کا حکم دیا ہے۔
اس سلسلے میں داخل کی  گئی پٹیشن میں موقف اختیار کیا  گیا ہے کہ  درخواست گزار قاضی احمد میں رہتی ہیں۔علاقے کے بااثر وڈیرے نذیر مہر، آچر خاصخیلی اور رفیق سیال اکثر نشے کی حالت میں  ان کے گھر میں گھس کر زبردستی عزت لوٹتے ہیں، گزشتہ دنوں ان کے گھر مہمان آئی خواتین سے بھی انھوں نے اجتماعی زیادتی کی تاہم پولیس ملزمان کے خلاف شکایات کے باوجود کوئی کارروائی نہیں کرتی۔  عدالت عالیہ سے اپیل کی گئی ہے کہ پٹیشنر کو تحفظ فراہم کیا اور وڈیروں کے خلاف کارروائی کی جائے۔

13 Oct 2014:
The Baloch Human Rights Organisation (BHRO) staged a rally in front of the Karachi Press Club on Sunday afternoon against the rape of a 14-year-old girl in Lyari allegedly by people associated with the gang war. A large number of women and girls participated in the rally.
According to the BHRO, the girl was raped by armed thugs at a house on Gul Mohammad Lane on October 7. Her elder sister had to escape through a window and take refuge in a neighbour’s house.
The girl was kidnapped by thugs, raped and then thrown in the lane in an unconscious condition, and she was later taken to the hospital by area residents.
The agitating crowd said that when the neighbourhood people tried to get an FIR registered with the Rangers, they refused to lodge it.
They alleged that the Sindh government was patronising the gangsters who had been committing crimes and killings in Lyari and other Baloch dominated areas.

25 Oct 2014:
The accused had asked the Benazir’s hand in marriage, however, upon her refusal the accused became infuriated and in revenge raped her. On 25.10.2014, Benazir was on her way to her college in Dadu when she was abducted on gunpoint by the two accused persons who took her to an unknown location where she was raped by one of the accused. It is important to note that in September 2014, the accused had also previously raped her and made the video of this incident. Therefore, out of fear she did not report this earlier incident. However, when she was raped again by the accused she lodged an FIR against him in relation to the offence of rape and kidnap.
During the course of investigation the police in connivance with the accused tampered with the narration of events of the victim by alleging that her father accompanied her at the time of her abduction.
Due to immense influence and pressure from the accused and their supporters the police officials refused to arrest the main accused. Meanwhile the accused obtained pre-arrest bail from the Learned Court of Additional Sessions Judge, Dadu. Upon the grant of his pre-arrest bail the accused embarked upon a harassment campaign and constantly threatened the victim and her family.

18 Nov 2014:  @jahanarawattoo what has the chant of jaag punjabi jaag got to do with rape?shame on you to exploit a child's pain this way @BilawalHouseKhi  [Jahanara Wattoo of PPP Punjab using a rape incident for political mudslinging]

13 Jan 2015:
“Everyone at the university knows that there are genuine complaints against this particular teacher at the Urdu department,” said a university official privy to the investigations. “He gets bailed out of these situations due to his affiliations with a political party[MQM]. He added that a KU syndicate member who also represents a political party in  the Senate used his ‘influence’ to save the teacher.

22 Feb 2015:

سکھر(نمائندہ دنیا)سلیم کالونی کے مکین محمد رمضان عباسی نے اپنی بیوی نظیراں ، بیٹی ریما اوربیٹے محمد عرفان کے ہمراہ علاقے کے بااثر افراد کی زیادتیوں کیخلاف سکھر پریس کلب کے سامنے احتجاج کرتے ہوئے صحافیوں کو بتایا کہ 6 ماہ قبل علاقے کے اوباش افراد نے نشے میں میرے بیٹے احتشام کیساتھ بدفعلی کی جس کی شکایت تھانے میں درج کرائی تو ملزمان نے اپنے دیگر مسلح ساتھیوں کے ہمراہ میرے گھر پر چڑھائی کر دی اور گھر میں موجود خواتین کو اور مجھے تشدد کا نشانہ بنا کر جان سے مارنے کی کوشش کی۔ مزاحمت پر ملزمان نے میرے بیٹے عرفان کو سخت تشدد کا نشانہ بنایا اور چاقو سے وار کر کے قتل کرنے کی بھی کوشش کی۔ تمام صورتحال سے آگاہ کرنے کے باوجود ابتک پولیس ملوث افراد کو گرفتار کرنے میں ناکام ہے ۔

25 March 2015:
Complying with the court orders, Bhara Kahu police have booked former Federal Health Minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin and his men for criminally intimidating a local woman and hurling life threats at her and her children, contrary to the complaint that the minister forcibly raped her.

29 April 2015:
ٹھل: جونگل کی رہائشی عورت فریدہ شیخ نے الزام لگایا ہے کہ با اثر شخص امجد علی پہوڑ نے زبردستی گھر میں داخل ہوکر زیادتی کی کوشش کی


1 Aug 2015:
Emmi, 30, and resident of Thatta city, is now looking for justice with the help of a non-governmental body providing legal aid to women and child survivors of violence and abuse.
Ironically, however, the police have not only refused to register an FIR on one pretext or another but also sexually harassed her. There is no action from the government side either that has been informed in writing about the case, according to her.
According to Mr Awan, it was after his NGO received no positive reply from the government side, including minister for culture Sharmila Faruqui, that it decided to highlight the case in the media.
“We have contacted police officials and a sitting minister to take action but all our attempts have been futile. What else an NGO could do. We are not a state,” he said in reply to a question.

10 July 2015:
گھوٹکی (اُردو پوائنٹ اخبار تازہ ترین۔ 10 جولائی۔2015ء)سندھ کے ضلع گھوٹکی میں بااثر ملزمان نے لڑکے کو زیادتی کے بعد قتل کردیا جبکہ متاثرین نے الزام عائد کیا ہے کہ پولیس بااثر ملزمان سے ملی ہوئی ہے۔تفصیلات کے مطابق گھوٹکی کے علاقے ڈہرکی میں2ماہ قبل عاشق علی نامی لڑکے کو علاقے کے بااثر ملزمان نے زیادتی کے بعد گلادباکرقتل کردیاتھا۔ میڈیکل رپورٹ آنے کے بعد ملزمان کیخلاف تھانہ ڈہرکی میں مقدمہ درج کیا گیا نامزد ملزمان میں پیرامتیاز نامی علاقے کا بااثر شخص اور اس کے 2 ساتھی شامل ہیں۔


Gilgit gang rape (July 2015) 

A girl from Gojal (Ismaili-majority area) who was studying in Gilgit was raped by Zulfiqar, Asif and Adnan. Asif and Zulfiqar (brother of Adnan) was arrested from Nomal (Shia-majority town) and Adnan was arrested from Rawalpindi.

29 July 2015: Sadia, a resident of Gojal Valley, is an undergraduate student staying in Gilgit. On July 29, she filed a case with Jutial police saying she was gang raped by three men, including Zulfiqar and Adnan. Sadia added she did not recognise the third rapist. A day after registering the case, police raided a house in Nomal and arrested Zulfiqar. The detainee disclosed Asif’s identity during interrogation.

17 August 2015: One of the accused in custody had confessed to raping young girls & making video clips of them on sectarian grounds. #Shia #Ismaili #Gilgit

18 August 2015:
“A former policeman-turned-politician is making efforts to save Asif’s skin,” an official privy to the development told The Express Tribune. “He wants to make Asif an approver.”
Asif, a resident of Nomal and the main accused, was remanded into police custody by a local court for 10 days. Zulfiqar has been sent to jail while Adnan managed to evade arrest.
“Inspector Zarina Zafar was even punished for helping the victim,” he said. Zafar reportedly helped the victim register a case and also helped her get a medical examination.

18 Aug 2015:
GILGIT: The Gilgit-Baltistan police has punished two female police officers for helping a rape victim to lodge a case against the accused, The Hunza Eagle has learnt.
“The two female police officers were called into the police station where the Station House Officer (SHO) told them to persuade the family of the victim for a compromise,” a local police official who was present at the police station told The Hunza Eagle on conditions of anonymity.
He said the SHO threatened the two female police officers that they would loose their jobs if they fail to persuade the family for a compromise.
“A senior police officer who just recently retired told the female officers that he would send them to prison,” the source said.
“He (the retired officer) said you Inspector General (IG) is a very good friend of mine and I still have influence in the department and I will make sure you go to prison for life,” the source said quoting the retired police officer.
Another source said one of the lady police officer was in the firing range when she was summoned to the police station.
He said the SHO threatened that he would charge the lady officer for carrying a gun to the police station if she refuses.
“When she said she was coming from the firing range, the retired officer told the SHO to write a report against the lady officer for aiming a gun at the victim,” the second police official said.
“I was astonished, the SHO laughed and told the female officer that she was under arrest for aiming a gun at the victim,” the official said.
According to multiple first hand accounts, the two female police officers were locked in the police station till late midnight where they were forced to persuade or call the family to the police station late night for a compromise.
A young girl in her early twenties was abducted and taken to a deserted location at the outskirts of Giglit city where she was repeatedly raped by three men.
The accused had made video clips on cellphone while raping the victim.
One of the accused, in custody had confessed to raping young girls and making video clips of them on sectarian grounds.

In August 2015, a polio worker was raped in her house in Nowshera and even after four months of persistent pleas, the Akbarpura police station did not register her case.
In fact, the Nowshera DPO claimed the victim was trying to be another Mukhtaran Mai – a woman who was first gang-raped and then paraded naked in front of the neighbourhood.
Local journalists went one step ahead and accused the rape victim of concocting the story in a bid to seek asylum in the United States.

19 August 2015:

گھوٹکی : سندھ کے ضلع گھوٹکی میں بچوں پر جنسی تشدد اور بلیک میلنگ کے لیے ویڈیوز کی تیاری کے دو کیسز سامنے آئے جن کے نتیجے میں متاثرہ خاندان اپنے گھر بار چھوڑ کر جانے پر مجبور ہوگئے ہیں۔
ایس ایس پی گھوٹکی ثاقب محمود سلطان نے ان واقعات کا نوٹس لیتے ہوئے چھ مشتبہ افراد کے خلاف مقدمہ درج کرلیا ہے تاہم ابھی تک کوئی گرفتاری عمل میں نہیں آئی۔
ایک 15 سالہ متاثرہ بچے کے والد نے بتایا کہ اس کے بیٹے کو کچھ ' بااثر افراد' نے جنسی تشدد کا نشانہ بنایا جبکہ ملزمان نے اس کی ویڈیو بناکر ہمارے خاندان کو بلیک میل کرتے ہوئے بہت زیادہ پیسوں کا مطالبہ کیا۔
اس شخص کا کہنا تھا کہ غربت اور بااثر ملزمان کے سامنے بے بس ہونے کے باعث میرے خاندان کے پاس اپنے گاﺅں سے فرار ہونے کے علاوہ کوئی آپشن موجود نہیں تھا۔

18 Sep 2015:
Hawa Meghwar, a 16-year-old girl, from a lowest caste of the Hindu community in Dadro Village of Kunri, Umer Kot (former Amar Kot) District, Sindh, has been allegedly gang raped and murdered on August 24. The district police have still not completed the investigation; instead, the police have detained more than 16 persons and tortured them to force them to confess to the rape and murder in an effort to protect the actual influential persons involved, who belong to the ruling party in Sindh Province.
Hawa was working in a primary school as a teacher and also as a cleaner. On the day of the incident, she was returning back from the house of the School Principal. On the way, it has been alleged that four young men abducted her in a car and gang raped her. The young men hail from the influential families and one is the son of a local landlord, Nazar Mohammad Faqir, who was former head of the Union Council and belongs to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

5 Oct 2015:
The rape victim, K [Kainat Soomro] stated that she was raped at the age of 13 years in Dadu, in 2007 and the local Jirga declared her “Kari”.
The second petitioner, N [Nasima Albano], who is also a rape victim, stated that she was raped by 10 persons in Ghotki. The third petitioner, B [Benazir Jhatyal], submitted that she was gang rapped in Dadu, but police was not willing to take action against the accused as they are influential persons of the area.

27 Dec 2015:
Another gang-rape incident has surfaced in the country on Sunday in Dehrki, Ghotki. Sindh Minister for Health Jam Mehtab Dehr belongs to the same area, Aaj News reported.
Three suspects are on the run as no arrest could yet be made. Relatives said influential party was behind this incident.
The victim 13-year-old girl victim was shifted to Dehrki hospital. However, no lady doctor was present in the hospital for medical checkup.

29 Dec 2015:
they said and cited as example a case of underage marriage exposed by social activist Abdul Karim Mangrio in Umerkot five days ago.
They said Mr Mangrio approached the court of district and sessions judge Syed Nasiruddin Shah who then directed police to raid the wedding ceremony. Police arrested parents of the bride, groom and other participants and lodged an FIR on Mr Mangrio’s complaint, they said.
Mr Mangrio said that the case had been lodged but police were now supporting the accused and some influential persons associated with the Pakistan Peoples Party were also pressuring him and witnesses to withdraw the case.

29 Jan 2016:
PTI human rights wing district chief Rana Mubashar Ali was charged for allegedly raping and then blackmailing an employee of a private bank after the victim’s father Muhammad Afzal filed a complaint against the accused.

4 Feb 2016:
زمیندار کے بیٹے نے کسان کی بیٹی سے جنسی زیادتی کی٬ جرگہ کہ بعد زمیندار کے بیٹے پر صرف دو ہزار کا جرمانہ

22 March 2016:
کھپرو: غلام نبی شاہ میں بااثر زمیندار کی زیادتی کا نشانہ بننے والی رانی شیخ کے ورثا کو پی ٹی آئی رہنما حلیم عادل شیخ کا فون،

27 Mar 2016:
میرپوربٹھورو (نمائندہ دنیا) پیپلزپارٹی ضلع ٹھٹھہ و سجاول کے صدر ارباب وزیر میمن نے میرپوربٹھورو میں زرعی یونیورسٹی کے طالبعلم سے بدفعلی کے تنازع کا فیصلہ کرادیا، چار ملزمان میں سے دو کو گنہگار قرار دیتے ہوئے ان پر 8لاکھ روپے جرمانہ عائد کیا گیا ، گنہگار قرار دیے گئے ملزمان کے خاندان کی جانب سے معافی مانگ لی گئی ،

2 April 2016: [PML-F guys were rapists. Hassan Mangrio, PPP leader, chaired the jirga]
Members of a Jirga in Sindh’s Umerkot district tried to settle a rape case last week by offering to waive off the debt run up by the victim’s father and doling out 30 kilograms of wheat. While the police and the alleged organisers of the Jirga denied that the meeting ever took place, members of the affected family said they would not accept any such settlement.

According to some local journalists, Hassan Rajar, an influential personality associated with the PPP, and another member of the Rajar community chaired the Jirga. During the Jirga proceedings Rs130,000 owed by the victim’s father were offered to be waived in return for the withdrawal of the case.

2 April 2016:  SP Umarkot Rukhsar Khuhawar [appointed as DSP in 1990s by PPP] pressurized victim family 4 withdraw

6 Apr 2016:
گڑھی یاسین تحصیل کے گاؤں کجلو جعفری کی رہائشی راز بی بی، صفیہ اور کلثوم جعفری نے اجتماعی زیادتی کے خلاف پریس کلب کے سامنے احتجاجی مظاہرہ کیا۔ اس موقع پر متاثرہ لڑکی صفیہ کے والد غلام حسین جعفری نے بتایا کہ تاحال پولیس ملزمان کو گرفتار نہیں کرسکی جبکہ ملزمان بااثر ہیں اور مسلسل مقدمے سے دست بردار ہونے کی دھمکیاں دے رہے ہیں۔

9 April 2016: In Digri (Badin, Sindh), police officer Aslam Jamali raped a 20-year-old mentally challenged girl from Lahore. He escaped from the prison under mysterious circumstances.

11 April 2016:
A government school teacher was fined Rs900,000 by a jirga in Larkana district recently after he was found guilty of raping and impregnating his student studying in the fourth grade. The jirga was headed by the Larkana chapter organiser of the PTI, Shafqat Unnar. The fact that a jirga issued a verdict on a crime as serious as the rape of a student — a minor — by a teacher indicates the failure of our criminal justice system.

30 Apr 2016:

A 10-year-old boy was raped by a relative in Mohalla Hussainia within the jurisdiction of Hashtnagri police station in the city Thursday night. He was taken to Lady Reading Hospital (LRH).
Takkar said there is no active child protection system in the country. The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Child Protection and Welfare Act 2010,introduced during the Awami National Party-led provincial government, was the first attempt in the country to protect children from abuse. He said the current Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government had not followed in ANP’s footsteps. “The PTI government failed to provide funds to the K-P Child Protection and Welfare Commission (KPCPWC),” he said.

4 May 2016:
پنگریو،کم سن بچوں سے بدفعلی کر نے والا جعلی عامل گرفتار ملزم بچوں کی ویڈیوز بناکر انہیں بلیک میل کرتا تھا،عملیات کا سامان بھی برآمد بعض با اثر شخصیات ملزمان کو بچانے کیلئے متحرک، صلح صفائی کے لئے راستہ ہموار

8 May 2016:
Jamil Mirjut, driver of Pakistan People’s Party MNA Asghar Ali Shah, asked woman and her daughters to immediately leave the village as she refused to be friends with him.
The woman told the media that MNA’s driver was forcing her and daughters to have an illicit relationship with him.

9 May 2016:
مورو (نامہ نگار) شہر کے دستگیر کالونی میں میٹرک کے طالب علم سے اجتمائی زیادتی کرنے والے دو بااثر ملزمان اب تک گرفتار نہیں ہو سکے ہیں زیادتی کا شکار ہونے والے طالب علم اور ان کے عزیزوں نے پریس کلب کے سامنے مظاہرہ کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ بااثر افراد ہمیں دھمکیاں دے رہے ہیں کہ اس معاملے سے دستبردار ہو جائو ۔ اس موقع پر زیادتی کا شکار ہونے والے طالب علم اور اس کے والد رفیق احمد اور چچا منیر احمد زارو قطار روتے ہوئے بتایا کہ بااثر ملزمان ہمیں مارنے کی دھمکیاں دے رہے ہیں۔ شہر کے کئی لڑکوں کو نشے آور چیزیں کھلا کر ان سے جسمانی زیادتیاں کر کے تصاویر نکال کر بلیک میل کرتے رہتے ہیں زیادتی کے شکار لڑکے بدنامی کے خوف سے خاموش رہتے ہیں ۔ طالب علم نے مزید کہا کہ اگر میرے ساتھ انصاف نہ کیا گیا تو میں پریس کلب کے سامنے خود سوزی کروں گا۔ انہوں نے اعلیٰ حکام سے اپیل کی ہے کہ زیادتی کرنے والے بااثر ملزمان کو گرفتار کر کے سخت سزا  دی جائے۔

14 Jun 2016:
میمن برادری کی خواتین نے گمبٹ پولیس اور بااثر افراد کی زیادتیوں کے خلاف پریس کلب کے سامنے احتجاجی مظاہرہ کیا اور تحفظ فراہم کرنے کی اپیل کی،اس موقع پر احتجاج کرنے والی خواتین میں سے ایک خاتون نے بتایا کہ میری بیٹی شازیہ کا بااثر افراد نے تین سال کی عمر میں زبردستی نکاح کرایا تھا اس بات کو دس سال گذر چکے ہیں اور اب میری بیٹی 13 سال کی ہوچکی ہے اور وہ رخصتی کرانا نہیں چاہتی، جس کی وجہ سے بااثر افراد پولیس کو رشوت دیکر میری بیٹی کی رخصتی مانگ رہے ہیں انکار پر ہم پر جھوٹے مقدمے درج کرانے کی دھمکیاں دےرہے ہیں ہمیں تحفظ فراہم کیا جائے۔

16 July 2016:
Mina: The 8-year-old Pakistani Hindu girl who was raped and killed in 2011
Although the area is a stronghold of late PPP leader Amin Faheem and sitting Sindh Minister Jameel us Zaman, Bhagri thinks police and political leaders don’t care about landless Hindu peasants like him, and are complicit in spreading violence with the local landlords. ..
for lower-caste Hindus, there seems to be a script: keep quiet when there is a transgression and move on with life.  “I’m scared of him [the landlord],” Bhagri admits.  “If this incident involved a Muslim peasant girl, things would have gone differently,” the driver concludes in a matter-of-fact tone, “No one would have pardoned the accused man.”

10 Aug 2016:
The Peshawar High Court (PHC) has been asked to form a committee to probe the reported suicide of a schoolgirl in Laspur valley of Upper Chitral.
“Local police have called it suicide [as they] want to save the skin of some influential people in the area,” Human Rights Foundation Chitral Chairperson Niaz A Niazi said during a news conference on Tuesday at Chitral Press Club.
The girl was reportedly raped by the watchman of her school when she was going to the institute in the morning. Her family registered the case. However, she reportedly committed suicide on August 6.

9 Aug 2016:
زیادتی کیس میں چیئرمین  یونین کونسل 15 کو نا اہل  قرار دیدیا گیا الیکشن کمیشن نے مذکورہ یونین کو نسل میں 24اگست کو دوبارہ الیکشن کااعلان کردیا۔ تفصیل کے مطابق بہاولپور ضلع کونسل کی یونین کونسل نمبر15جندو مسن سے پیپلزپارٹی کی ٹکٹ پر ملک محمدعارف بلدیاتی انتخابات میں بطورچیئرمین کامیاب ہوئے تھے۔ الیکشن میں کامیابی کے بعد مذکورہ چیئرمین ایک زیادتی کیس میں گرفتار ہوگئے اور عدالت سے انہیں سزا ہوگئی اور وہ چیئرمین کے عہدہ کے لئے بھی نااہل ہوگئے۔ 

11 Aug 2016:
مسماۃ آمنہ خاتون،مہرالنساء و دیگر نے ایوان صحافت میں پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ انہوں نے اپنے گائوں میں ہونے والے غیر اخلاقی کاموں کے بارے میں پولیس کو آگاہ کیا تھا مگر تلہار اور سی آئی اے میں تعینات پولیس اہلکار  انکی شکایات پہ برہم ہو گئے اور الٹا ان کے مردوں کے خلاف ہی مقدمہ درج کرادیا انہوں نے کہا کہ جب وہ بالا حکام سے اس سلسلے میں تحقیقات کی اپیل کرنے گئے تو انہوں نے خواتین کے خلاف بھی مقدمات درج کرنے سمیت سنگین نتائج کی دھمکیاں دیں۔  اور وہ علاقہ کے بااثر افراد کے ساتھ ملکر انہیں مسلسل ہراساں کر رہے ہیں۔ 

15 Aug 2016:
سکھر (بیورو رپورٹ)سکھر کے علاقے بندر روڈ کی رہائشی خاتون مسمات شمع جویو نے اپنے اہلخانہ کے ہمراہ با اثر افراد کی زیادتیوں کے خلاف پریس کلب کے سامنے احتجاجی مظاہرہ کیا، مظاہرے میں خواتین اور بچے بھی شامل تھے۔مذکورہ خاتون نے الزام عائد کیا کہ ایک ماہ قبل با اثر افراد اس کی شادی کرانے کے لئے اسے پنجاب لے گئے تھے جہاں اس کو فروخت کرنے کی کوشش کی گئی اور اسلحہ کے زور پر ملزمان کی جانب سے زیادتی کی گئی جس کے بعد وہ موقع دیکھ کر بھاگ نکلی اور دارلامان میں پناہ لی تھی جس کے بعد دارلامان سے گھر منتقل کیا گیا ، ملزمان کے خلاف تھانہ سی سیکشن پر رپورٹ درج کرانے کے باوجود پولیس کوئی کارروائی نہیں کررہی ، مظاہرین نے بالا حکام سے مطالبہ کیا کہ ملزمان کو گرفتار کر کے سخت سزاد ی جائے ، انہیں انصاف اور تحفظ فراہم کیا جائے۔ 

11 Sep 2016:
A Christian mother who is a social activist and President of Women Wing of a Christian political party Tasneem Kauser appeared in Karachi Press Club on September 8, 2016, with her daughter Souzanne who was gang raped by group of Church of Pakistan Karachi Diocese leaders 

6 Nov 2016:
 Req: @BBhuttoZardari plz take notice a 14y student forced to rape in school #Mithi relative of @MaheshMalaniPPP  still free by MPA support

7 Nov 2016:
Larkana police have registered an FIR into a rape case against the son of a PPP leader on the orders of a court. 
Reports said that the complainant had approached the court for getting justice when police allegedly refused to entertain her complaint in which she alleged that the accused, who was the son of PPP leader, along with two of his friends had kidnapped and sexually assaulted her and then the accused uploaded a movie on the social media.

6 Jan 2017:
Khipro: The group of feudal lords decided an amount of two hundred thousand Pakistani rupee for the teenager rape victim Rukni Meghwar, local media reported.
Rukhni, a 13 year old house maid was continuously raped for 6 months and all events were recorded to blackmail her by three youngsters of Kaimkhani community.

Sources told Sindh post that the local police, due to influence of local feuds did not register the victims complaint and forced them for a settlement.
On Thursday they were called at a PPP leader Inayat Kaimkhani’s residence where newly elected city chairman [Waseem Kaimkhani, PPP] was also present. In presence of the police the decision was imposed on the victims family.

26 Jan 2017:
ٹھٹھہ (نامہ نگار) اجتماعی زیادتی کے شکار گھارو کے رہائشی 16 سالہ نوجوان شکیل احمد سوڈھائی نے اپنے والد عبداللہ سوڈھائی، والدہ ملوکاں اور دیگر اہلخانہ کے ہمراہ پریس کلب کے سامنے احتجاج کیا اور شدید نعرے بازی کی، بعد ازاں پریس کلب میں پریس کانفرنس سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے متاثرہ نوجوان نے کہا کہ وہ نمک کے کارخانے میں مزدوری کرکے اپنا اور اپنے اہلخانہ کا پیٹ پالتا ہے 27 روز قبل وہ کام پہ جا رہا تھا کہ ملزم ممتاز بلوچ اسے زبردستی جھاڑیوں میں لے گیا، جہاں پر ممتاز بلوچ اور پرویز رند سمیت  چھ ملزمان نے اسے زیادتی کا نشانہ بنایا، واقعہ کا مقدمہ ان کے والد عبداللہ سوڈھائی کی مدعیت میں گھارو تھانہ پر درج کرایا گیا ہے تاہم ملزمان تاحال گرفتار نہیں کیے گئے ہیں، انہوں نے کہا کہ ملزمان با اثر ہیں اور انہیں سنگین نتائج بھگتنے کی دھمکیاں دے رہے ہیں انہوں نے اعلیٰ حکام سے مطالبہ کیا کہ ملزمان کو گرفتار کرکے انہیں انصاف اور تحفظ فراہم کیا جائے۔

26 Jan 2017:
شاہپورچاکر ( نامہ نگار ) شہدادپور شہر کے جٹیا محلے میں اہل خانہ کی غیر موجودگی میں مبینہ طور پر گھر کے اندر داخل ہوکر ایک لڑکی ص کو 2 وحشی صفت نوجوان ایک مکان میں لے گئے اور مبینہ طور پر زبردستی اپنی ہوس کا نشانہ بنایا۔ لڑکی کے چیخنے چلانے پر اہل محلہ نے دونوں نوجوانوں کو پکڑ کر سخت تشدد کا نشانہ بنایا اور پولیس طلب کرکے دونوں کو حوالہ پولیس کر دیا۔ پولیس نے لڑکے کے بھائی جنید راجپوت کی مدعیت میں مقدمہ درج کرکے لڑکی کا میڈیکل چیک اپ کرانےکے لئے لیٹر دیاہے۔ پولیس کے مطابق میڈیکل چیک اپ کی رپورٹ آنے تک پولیس مزید تفتیش کر رہی ہے۔ ذرائع کے مطابق ملزمان کی رہائی  کے لیے بااثر  شخصیات نے تگ ودو شروع کردی ہے۔

29 Jan 2017:
Hyderabad: The family of rape victim Muskan Lashari in a press conference has blamed Pakistan Peoples Party leaders of Tangwani and Kashmore for Harassment to withdraw case against Khalid Mirani.

Mar 2017: Son of a feud tried to rape 12 years old  Paras & 16 years old Parveena. Police reluctant to lodge FIR in Daharki Sindh 

18 Mar 2017:
سکھر(اُردو پوائنٹ اخبارتازہ ترین۔ 18 مارچ2017ء)ووٹ نہ دینے پر وحشی درندوں نے تین بچوں کی ماں کو جنسی زیادتی کا نشانہ بنا ڈالا، خاتون شوہر کے ہمراہ انصاف کیلئے پریس کلب پہنچ گئی ،انصاف و تحفظ فراہمی کا مطالبہ تفصیلات کے مطابق صالح پٹ کے نواحی گائوں عبدالستار شنبھانی کے مکین رستم شنبھانی نے اپنی بیوی مسمات شبیراں کے ہمراہ پریس کلب سکھر کے سامنے احتجاج کرتے ہوئے بتایا کہ برادری کے بااثر افراد عنایت اللہ شنبھانی ، خدابخش ، محمد حیات ، حبیب اللہ ، غلام مصطفی نے اپنے مسلح ساتھیوں کے ہمراہ کل شام ہمارے گھروں میں جب ہم مرد گھر پر موجود نہیں تھے چڑھائی کی اور گھر میں موجود خواتین اور بچوں کو تشدد کا نشانہ بنایا اور میری بیوی مسمات شبیراں کو جنسی زیادتی کا نشانہ بنایا رسم شنبھانی نے بتایا کہ ہم لوگوں نے انتخابات میں ان کے حمایت یافتہ امیدواروں کو ووٹ نہیں دیا تھا جس کی وجہ سے یہ لوگ ہمارے جانی دشمن بن گئے ہیں پولیس بھی ان بااثر افراد کے سامنے بے بس نظر آتی ہے ملوث افراد شکایات پر ہمیں جان سے مارنے کی دھمکیاں دے رہے ہیں اور گائوں چھوڑ کر جانے کا کہہ رہے ہیں ہمیں انصاف و تحفظ فراہم کرتے ہوئے واقعہ میں ملوث افراد کو گرفتار کیا جائے ۔

26 Mar 2017:
(اُردو پوائنٹ اخبارتازہ ترین۔ 26 مارچ2017ء)
 گھوٹکی میں با اثر شخص کے بیٹے نے غریب کسان کی بیٹیوں سے مبینہ طور پر زیادتی کی کوشش کی۔ چیخ پکار پر گھر والوں نے دونوں لڑکیوں کو بچا لیا۔ میڈیا رپورٹس کے مطابق گھوٹکی کے گاؤں بیلو میں با اثر شخص کے بیٹے نے دوستی سے انکار پر غریب کسان کی بیٹیوں سے مبینہ طور پر زیادتی کی کوشش کی۔ لڑکیوں کی چیخ پکار پر گھر والوں نے دونوں لڑکیوں کو بچا لیا۔ کھینجو پولیس نے غریب کسان کی فریاد لینے کے بجائے خاموش رہنے کا مشورہ دے دیا ہے، جس کے بعد متاثرہ خاندان احتجاج پر مجبور ہوگیا ۔

31 Mar 2017: Husna Malik was allegedly raped by three influentials of Mahar Tribe in Khanpur Sindh, police reluctant to lodge FIR

11 Apr 2017:  
Aide of #PPP ex-minister pressuring police to drop case of rape of a 16-year old boy in Mirpurkhas, Sindh
Mirpurkhas police is ready to dispose of a sodomy case under the pressure from a close aide of ex provincial minister for agriculture. Around a month ago, Sultan, son of Karamdin, Jabbar, son of Mehdi Binjaro, and Gull Hassan had forcibly committed the beastly act with Arshad, 16, son of Muhammad Yaseen, of village Malik Nizamuddin, deh 381, taluka Shujaabad on Feb 27, 2017. Later the culprits harassed the victim and hurled at him threats of dire consequences in case he informed anyone about the offence.

May 2017:  PPP MPA Rauf Khoso's son had raped a girl in Kandh kot. Any update?

11 May 2017:
The Kandhkot SSP has suggested that a 12-year-old maid, who was allegedly raped by a group of influential men, may have consented to the act.
Section 375 of the Pakistan Penal Code says that it is rape if intercourse happened ‘with or without her consent when she is under sixteen years of age’. Despite that, Kashmore SSP Dr Samiullah Soomro – who had earlier termed it a rape case – said since there were no torture marks on the survivor’s body, it would be premature to say whether it was a gang rape or a consensual sexual intercourse

3 July 2017:
On 12 May 2017, a 16- year- old girl, Miss A, (real name withheld) was going for tuition with her younger sister when four armed persons in a car kidnapped her. They took her to a private house and gang raped her, warning her to keep her mouth shut.
Her father, Police Constable Rehmatullah Udho, resident of Jacobabad, Sindh, has been working in the Sindh police department for the last 24 years.
Miss A managed to escape after one night and reached the Civil Lines police station, Jacobabad. ..
When the kidnapper realized the girl has escaped, he approached Shafaqat Jakhrani, the brother of Provincial Minister for Population Welfare, Mumtaz Jakhrani. Mumtaz allegedly assured the kidnappers of his assistance, and advised them to flee the area immediately. He also approached the Civil Lines SHO, telling him not to hand over the girl to her parents, and keep her in police custody for as long as possible.
The Jacobabad police have arrested one alleged rapist, Nasrullah Abro, but did not arrest the main accused person, Naeem Jakhrani and his accomplices. The accused continue to benefit from the abuse of power by the national and provincial assembly members. These MNAs and MPAs are putting immense pressure on the police to prevent the victim from seeking justice. The MNAs and MPAs are from the ruling party of the province, the Pakistan Peoples Party.

18 July 2017:
ڈگری( نامہ نگار)ڈگری میں کمسن بچوں سے زیادتی اور انکی وڈیو بناکر انہیں بلیک میل کر نے کے واقعے پر اجتماع ہوا۔ جس میں واقعے میں ملوث ملزمان نے اپنی غلطی کا اعتراف کرتے ہوئے معافی مانگ لی۔ فیصلے میں واقعے میں ملوث افراد کو شہر بدر کرنے کا فیصلہ کیا گیا۔
ڈگری کے معززین اقبال قادری، کونسلر یاسین [سنی میلاد مصطفیٰ کمیٹی]، چوہدری وجاہت اور دیگر کی سربراہی میں اجتماع ہوا جس میں واقعے میں ملوث نعمان راجپوت کے بھائی شوکت راجپوت اور کاشف کے والد احمد علی نے تحریری طور پر معافی مانگ لی جس میں کہا گیا کہ اگر دوبارہ کبھی ایسی غلطی کی گئی تو قانونی کارروائی کی جاسکے گی۔  فریقین نے صلح نامہ کے بعد پولیس کو دی گئی اپنی درخواست واپس لے لی جس پر پولیس نے حراست میں لئے گئے تینوں افراد نعمان راجپوت،کاشف قاضی اور راحیل قاضی کو رہا کر دیا۔

21 Jul 2017:
 زیادتی کیس کا ملزم ضمانت مسترد ہونے پر عدالت سے فرار  ملزمان احاطہ عدالت میں بھی زیادتی کا نشانہ بننے والی لڑکی کے ورثا کو دھمکاتے رہے 12روزمیں ضمانت مستردہونے پرعدالت سے ملزم کے فرار کا دوسراواقعہ

31 July 2017: Dr Saqlain Naqvi, the newly appointed VC of Bacha Khan university was indicted for sexual harassment of women at workplace

7 Sep 2017:
 زیادتی کا شکارزرعی یونیورسٹی کا طالب علم ذہنی توازن کھو بیٹھا  یونیورسٹی کے ہاسٹل میں قادر بخش سے ہونیوالی زیادتی کو5سال گزر گئے ٹنڈو جام پولیس بااثر ملزمان کو گرفتار کرنے کے لئے تیار نہیں، والد کا احتجاج

16 Sep 2017:
 کنری کے نواحی گاؤں میں لڑکوں سے بدفعلی ،ویڈیو بنالی گئی  ملزمان نے دھمکی دی کہ اگر کسی کو بتایا تو وہ ویڈیو لوگوں میں پھیلا دیں گے جرگے میں با اثر افراد کے دباؤ پر مدعی نے دو شریک ملزمان کو معاف کر دیا

25 Sep 2017:
 بدین میں گونگی لڑکی سے اجتماعی زیادتی کے ملزمان گرفتار نہ کئے جا سکے۔ معاملے کو دبانے کے لئے بااثر افراد میدان میں آ گئے۔ متاثرہ خاندان پر صلح کے لئے دبائو بڑھ گیا۔ پولیس کے مطابق دو روز قبل بدین میں تین ملزمان نے کھیتوں میں کام کرنے والی گونگی لڑکی کو باندھ کر اجتماعی زیادتی کا نشانہ بنا یا تھا۔ واقعہ نواحی گائوں یوسف کھوسو میں پیش آیا تھا جہاں ملزم نواز نے اپنے دو ساتھیوں کے ہمراہ کھیت میں کام کرنے والی گونگی لڑکی کو باندھ کر زیادتی کا نشانہ بنایا تھا اور اسے نیم بے ہوشی کی حالت میں پھینک کر فرار ہو گئےتھے۔

Oct 2017: 
Last month, friend's son was gang raped by few influentials in Larkana who also took his nude pics/video. Boy came home frightened & at 2 +
AM woke his mother & told his ordeal. Father went to various police stations but all refused to register FIR. Now rapists asking 4 stlmnt+
otherwise they threatened to kidnap the boy. Since then the boy & other siblings have not been 2 school. Even my efforts failed & now I ve +
asked friend to go for settlement to avoid further harassment. Shame on me & society we are living in. منصف ہو تو اب حشر اٹھا کیوں نہیں دیتے

10 Oct 2017: [Mehrabpour, Noshehro Feroze, Sindh]
محراب پور میں چھٹی جماعت کے طالب علم سے مبینہ بدفعلی کے واقعے پر اسکول کے طلبہ نے تدریسی سرگرمیوں کا بائیکاٹ کرکے احتجاجی مظاہر ہ کیا اور دھرنا دیا،اس موقع پر متاثرہ طالبعلم خالد نوناری کے اہل خانہ عبدالغنی نوناری،پپن نوناری اور وکیل نوناری بھی موجود تھے ، انہوں نے کہا کہ علاقے کے با اثر و بد کردار استاد واحد بخش صحرائی نے بچے سے بدفعلی کی، اس سے قبل بھی مذکورہ استاد نے سعید منگی سے زیادتی کی تھی ،اس وقت محکمہ تعلیم سکھر ڈویژن کے ڈائریکٹر عطامحمد میمن نے مذکورہ استاد پر گورنمنٹ ہائر سیکنڈری اسکول میں داخلے پر تاحیات پابندی لگا ئی تھی تاہم اس کو دوبارہ محراب پور ہائر سیکنڈری اسکول میں تعینات کردیا گیا ہے ، انہوں نے کہاکہ پولیس ہم سے تعاون نہیں کررہی اور واقعے کا مقدمہ درج نہیں کیا جارہا ہے، اعلیٰ حکام سے نوٹس لیں۔


20 Oct 2017:
MIRPURKHAS - Scores of people, including women of Bheel community, held a demonstration here outside the press club on Thursday to protest against Umerkot police’s failure to arrest the accused in the gang rape case of Naseeban Bheel and local elected representatives’ support to them.
The demonstration, organised under the banner of Bheel Sujag Council, was led by Kanji Bheel and Khameso Shewani. The protestors were carrying banners and placards in their hands, and were raising slogans against the Umerkot police.
Talking to media on the occasion, the protesters alleged that those who had raped Naseeban were not arrested by police while they also enjoyed the support of a local MNA as well as MPA [from PPP].
They complained that none of the accused had been nabbed so far despite the passage of a week since the registration of an FIR at Khokhrapar police station under the Terrorism Act.

20 Oct 2017:
UMERKOT: Scores of people, including women of Bheel community, staged a protest demonstration outside the local press club to protest against the failure of police in arresting accused involved in abduction and rape of Naseeban Bheel.
The protesters, carrying banners and placards, were raising slogans against Umerkot Police. They accused the local Pakistan Peoples Party member Sindh Assembly Ali Mardan Shah for patronising the culprits,” he said. Talking to journalists, the protesters alleged that those who had abducted Naseeban had raped her and later she was recovered. They said that none of the accused had been nabbed so far despite passage of a week since the registration of the FIR at Khokhrapar Police Station under Terrorism Act.

25 Oct 2017: Sindh University hit with harassment complaints. VC Fateh Muhammad Burfat (appointed by PPP) dismisses these allegations.

30 Oct 2017:
گزشتہ شب تین اوباش نوجوانوں نے مدرسے جانے والے میرے دس سالہ ذہنی معذور بچے کے ساتھ بد فعلی کی اور اسے تشدد کا نشانہ بنایا اور اس تمام کارروائی کی ویڈیو بنا کر سوشل میڈیا پر بھی ڈال دی۔ غلام مرتضی مری نے بتایا کہ ہم نے اہل علاقہ کی مدد سے دو ملزمان غلام رسول مری اور اختر مری کو پکڑ کر پولیس کے حوالے کیا جبکہ ایک ملزم جوکہ جھڈو کا رہائشی ہے اس کا گھر بھی پولیس کو دکھا دیا ہے لیکن پولیس ان با اثر ملزمان کو بچارہی ہے۔ ڈی ایس پی ہم پر دبائو ڈال رہا ہے کہ اپنا کیس واپس لو۔

20 Dec 2017:
LAHORE - Many victims of the Kasur child abuse scandal have blamed the Punjab government for backing the alleged rapists, facing criminal trials in local courts.
The residents of Kasur district while addressing a news conference at the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday threatened the provincial government that they would collectively commit “self-immolations” if the government would not pay heed to their demands.